:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

I’ve actually picked up my pace recently! I’m still definitely going slower than the average user, but I went up to 15 vocab lessons a day instead of my former pace of 10 (I’m sticking to just 10 lessons a day for kanji, though).

The reason why I increased my pace is because I started using the self-study quiz script to drill all of my lessons immediately after doing them, and as soon as I started doing this, my retention went drastically up. I now reliably get like 90-100% of my first batch of reviews after my lessons correct! Previously, just using WK’s SRS system alone, I would fail a lot of items (especially the kanji) several times before they started to stick, haha. Using this script caused my daily review load to go down, since apprentice items are moving out of my review queue a lot faster, and I realized I had the time/energy to learn more items, at least for now. The self-study quiz also tests your listening comprehension, which is really useful, imo. I’m currently not using it to practice anything else besides brand new lessons, but just that alone has made such a huge difference.