Lets do this for like the fifth time!

hey guys! i recently graduated high school, and am heading off to university in scotland! (i’m from the us, so, very excited.) this year, i haven’t made much time for japanese, and i’m disappointed at that, but it’s okay because it’s never too late to start again!

soooo… 670 reviews to go, and i’m gonna stick with this this time because it would be super lame not to.

also?? i really like the new thing for studying outside of official review sessions. it’s been ages since i was on here so i only just found out about it.

anyone got any tips for time management? wanikani mixed with uni life sounds a bit hard, but i’m determined.


卒業おめでとうございます!( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'°☆

Uni can be a lot more hectic than a desk job, so I’m not sure how much help my schedule would be, but when I was still doing lessons as well as reviews, once I got into my groove, my schedule looked like this:

  1. Wake up, make breakfast, do reviews while eating. Generally about 30 reviews would be available to me at this time (towards the last couple of months of WK).

  2. I have two 10 minute breaks besides lunch at work. The first one falls about 9:00AM. I would do however many reviews were available/I could finish in that time.

  3. Go to lunch, do all available reviews (amounts available depended heavily on how accurate my answering had been and whether I had a bunch of burn reviews flooding in from my earlier, less structured days, but I always had enough time to clear it completely, even on my highest amount days, which could be upwards of 100 reviews). This is when I would do lessons. I tried to do at least 20 lessons a day, and I would do at least 10 during lunch, more if the lessons felt really easy.

  4. At the second 10 minute break at work, clear the review queue.

  5. By the time I’m home, the first reviews for those lessons would pop up, so it’s perfect timing to make sure I hit the first review in the proper SRS timing, which massively boosted my accuracy when I started doing it. Clear the review queue, which would usually only be the lessons I did at lunch, anyway. Do my remaining lessons, usually 10, sometimes less, sometimes none!

  6. Right as I’m laying down to relax for bed, perfect timing for the first SRS session after the second set of lessons (if I had any to do), clear the review queue before I go to sleep.

Rinse and repeat the next day. I also didn’t do lessons if it would put me over about 150 apprentice items at the max, but I rarely hit that limit after I got my schedule sorted properly. :laughing:

This is also only reflective of normal days; weekends were less strict, and if I travelled or anything, I was more lax about it as well. The main thing is just being relatively consistent, and keeping the reviews down to a manageable level for when you can do them.

This is directly controlled by the number of lessons you do, and your accuracy in answering, as things come up for review in regular intervals.

I can’t offer much suggestion in utilizing the Extra Study Tool. It was implemented after I had already finished. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The language spoken in Scotland is rumored to be quite similar to English, first impressions notwithstanding. Japanese is unlikely to be of much help.

Congrats, though!


Okay, I had to stop by to ask this: How…? :face_with_monocle:

  1. Look at review card
  2. Put some food in mouth while thinking about the answer
  3. Answer card
  4. Go to 1

Very easy, I do this all the time :slight_smile:



Essentially this, though because I was strict about coming up with the answer within 5-10 seconds, I would look at the card and answer it before pausing to take any bites. :grinning:


So you like, pick up the food, take a bite, put it down, get back on the keyboard to type in an answer, and pick up the food again…?

Okay so then, why not just eat, and THEN do your reviews? :thinking: Also how many bites does your breakfast have to last you a review session?

My mind is blown right now. It’s fascinating how you two developed habits sooo immensely different from mine with Wanikani. I always gotta go as fast as possible. For 100 reviews I want to spend 20 minutes MAX. I don’t think I’m physically able of letting a card linger for that long unless I’m really struggling to remember.

When eating, I always have to watch a video or something instead, because that’s two processes that don’t interrupt each other


I also did my mealtime reviews on mobile, so one hand typing, one hand eating was happening too. My morning review session never took more than 10 minutes. :person_shrugging:


First of all, well done on getting back to it!

Second, I recommend you try to make doing Wanikani a habit, so either use a habit tracker that’s set to maybe 7:30am every morning (I’m usually on the train heading to uni at this time so perfect opportunity) and another time at maybe 6pm (just before dinner and after you’ve finished work). I found this very helpful, and obviously, if you have time during the day and if you find a couple of reviews in your pile, do them as well.

In terms of lessons, I would say take it by the ear, I do max 10 reviews in one day and IN THE MORNING. I definitely recommend getting the Wanikani Ultimate Timeline Script! It’s very useful in deciding if you should do lessons or not, so couple examples/scenarios :point_down: :

  1. I have 50 reviews evenly spread throughout the day, where 50% are either Apprentice or Guru lvl, so I’ll decide not to do any lessons. Since most of the reviews in Apprentice/Guru will probably pop again later that day
  2. I have 40 reviews at a range of levels, so I’ll do 10 lessons
  3. I have 70 reviews kinda bunched together in the morning but they’re mainly Master or up, I’ll do 10 lessons, since those Master and up reviews won’t show up again that same day

And there is nothing wrong with not doing any lessons for a long period of time, I’ve gone by a whole week without doing any lessons.

Hope this helps :grin:

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Yeah, so I wouldn’t do that with fingerfood :upside_down_face: But with a fork or spoon, yes basically that.

Because I’m quite slow with my reviews anyways. Old brain, you know :woman_shrugging: And also I don’t watch videos or listen to podcasts a lot (which would be a much better match for eating, for sure). I often read while eating, but when reading Japanese I still need a fair amount of dictionary lookups (depending on what I read) and that is even more annoying to do while eating, compared to typing in the reviews :rofl:


Enjoy yourself in Scotland!

As for WK, I’d recommend you SLOOOOOWLY go through that review pile. Like, maybe, 50 or 70 at a time, because they’ll all pop again at the same moment later and if you again wake up to 600+ reviews one morning you just might get discouraged (I know I would ^^)

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