Let's decipher obscure 方言

That’s fairly common in Aizu (or Fukushima? Tohoku?? It’s hard to know how localized various parts of the dialect are here) as well. People also drop the last う syllable in almost any verb before の.

For example 出るの?→出んの? 走るの→走んの?受けるんだ。→受けんだ
This threw me for a loop for a good while until someone pointed it out to me.

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Maybe it is a younger person thing. My teachers would always be on us about it while we were in class because we were supposed to use the standard dialect. Kansai dialect also likes to shorten things. Like the Pasamo IC is called an ICOCA card and it is play on words for how you shorten 行こうか in kansai dialect to 行こか.

I haven’t heard/don’t remember hearing your examples while studying in Osaka though.

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At least in my area, it’s definitely a dialect thing and not a young person thing. I’ve had old men who speak the extra thick dialect drop the るs before :joy: It was a real fun thing to encounter when I had only ever studied standard Japanese, and had zero speaking practice outside of Pimsleur 1-4.