Let's Conquer Our Reviews Together! (Twitch: Sat 5/11)

Hey guys! :slight_smile: don’t know about you, but with school, stress, and work, I am seriously behind on my Wanikani reviews and lessons. I haven’t gone up a level in about a month, and I’ve just been trying to keep the reviews at bay until I get some more free time. :sweat_smile:

Well, the good news is school is out and I just graduated with my associate’s degree! :sunny: I now have more time to do things that matter a lot to me such as my language learning and my art stream.

It would be grand to unify our efforts, so I’m offering the opportunity to come hang out with me on my stream Saturday 12 PM (Mountain Standard Time) and study together. I’m going be streaming as I complete my reviews and finish my lessons, and I’ll have my Discord open if anyone wants to come on the show and maybe speak some Japanese together or talk about things that we really like. Lowfi hip hop beats will be provided.

I’d love to make some new, Japanese learning friends! And who knows, maybe it could be a regular thing if it goes well. :smile:

(P.S. My stream is usually where I do my collage art. If you’re interested in checking my work out see here: https://www.instagram.com/itssuchabob/?hl=en)


People have done this before and I seem to recall that it’s not allowed on Twitch. I don’t remember whether it was due to it not fitting into a category or because it’s somehow explicitly forbidden, but maybe you want to look into that.

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Twitch is way more open with different types of streams now. I have it listed as an IRL/Educational stream, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

Do you recall how long ago was the last stream attempt?

After a quick search I think the thread this comment is from is the most recent one.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll read this and see what’s up.

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Doesn’t seem to be a problem. The thread linked was from 1 year ago and no longer available, and I only found one other Reddit thread from 3 years ago saying that it doesn’t belong under creative category (which no longer exists, as its multiple categories now (art, crafts, podcasts, etc). I’ve switched it to “Just Chatting”, so it’s all good to go.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Alright, good to know ukKr5


One hour until air time!

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Nice idea but first, you didn’t put your twitch link :sweat_smile: and second isn’t it 11AM in your timezone? So there is still 1h before you begin right?

I did put the link :slight_smile: It auto posted as a window that connects directly to the stream. It is @itssuchabob on Twitch.

We’re actually live right now!

oh yeah my bad, it was blocked by my adblocker


Thanks to everyone that came and participated in the chat! I’m scheduling another one for May 11, same time! If you’re interested in seeing what the stream was like, check out the VOD above!


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