Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022


Now dis is guud :smiley: Once you get suitable schedule, lessons and reviews will be regular and predictable ~ (except the one I failed, which will be delayed so far to next review batch :see_no_evil:)

Lately I’m reducing my time on wanikani: clumping my lessons (0’d in 1-2 days), clumping my reviews (1x morning, 1x afternoon, 1-2x evening), so I can do other things. What I do outside wanikani is I’m catching up grammar (from みんなの日本語1in my case), bunpro, reading manga/NHK Easy, spotify + lyrics, some netflix.

Because the item is increasing, I found it is very difficult to only depend on SRS, so I have to use it more. And train and relearn leeches is very important :zipper_mouth_face:

For me, kanji on level 10-20 is pretty hard for me now :sweat_smile: More radical involved, some kanji has similar meaning, and the reading is tricky duh. I always do quiz for all learned new items once or twice to make sure it sticks enough. Sometime I found the mnemonic doesn’t stick enough during quiz, so I have to think alternative for it :smiley:

This one is difficult to tackle with :see_no_evil:. For me, I have 1 week full of meeting every month. During busy day I often split my lessons into morning & night.

Oops sir, do you have any mercy? Sounds brutal to me :smiling_imp:


Doubling this. @RoseEater taking over 100 lessons/day sound rather impossible for me. 教えてください、先生!


With that said, I’d like to hear your thoughts about bunpro as well, if you don’t mind.


Bunpro, I like it for its SRS. I take bunpro lessons after I finished a chapter on みんなの日本語1 to make sure I’ll review what I’ve learned. Not limited to this text book, bunpro also provide other learning path like Genki, Tae Kim, Tobira, and also bunpro order itself.

Sometimes I take some lesson from bunpro directly, in this case I use this as a starting point. Because the explanation is pretty brief, sometime I need more detail from Cure Dolly videos or Tae Kim. Another reference are also mentioned, its pretty convenient :blush:

Meaning (brief explanation)

Readings (reference)

For the SRS itself its pretty similar to Wanikani. And also it can be connected to Wanikani API Token, so on example and review the kanji you’ve learned won’t showing furigana automatically. :grin:


Level 35! :smile: The view is great, can’t wait to see it at night.

Sad I didn’t get to see you in the observation deck, @ekg. Maybe its because our paces are a… bit… different :wink: .

(Thanks so much for the pizza, luckily I’ll be burning the calories right off as I continue up the stairs after this level. Now I just gotta think of what I can order to leave behind for the next person :thinking: )


Yeah, of course! Although you are not going to like it :stuck_out_tongue: (nor you, @bagusprabangkoro!)

How I approach lessons

As I mentioned, every lesson that comes in I do them straight away or as soon as I physically can.

I spend time internalising kanji and always wrote mnemonics where I feel WK ones will not work for me down the line (requires knowledge of myself for that one)

For vocab lessons I do NOT spend any time internalising them at all. I bash out all the lessons as fast as possible. I let the SRS system (and my brain) take care of those items almost exclusively through pure repetition.

Note; see my comments on what I adjusted after reaching the mid-20’s.

How much time I spend on items in lessons

For kanji lessons this can be anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes (maybe more) on one kanji - but most will be around 3 minutes I would say and 10 minutes are in extreme cases where I’m having a hard time thinking up a mnemonic that I know will work.

For vocab, around 30 seconds to 2 minutes only on any one item - but most will be around 30 seconds to 60 seconds. For the most part I am just slamming the ‘right’ key when I get to vocab lessons. If you look at the difference in accuracy for vocab versus kanji at the bottom of this post you’ll hopefully not be surprised!

So, in theory, even if I took an hour and a half to do all the pink kanji, the remaining 50 lessons or so of vocab would be done within around just 25 minutes.

Before and after reaching the mid-20s

Up to the mid-20’s (around 27 or so) all vocab items that were ‘difficult’ were few and far between, it was really very manageable, even if I failed items a bunch of times I realised my brain starts to do the hard work for me eventually.

After the mid-20’s I did have to make a few adjustments. mainly because of the increase in abstract vocab that really started to clog up my reviews and it felt like it was too much at once (at times). The main adjustment is spending a little more time on the very tricky vocab where I feel like it is needed (almost like making mnemonics for readings, which is something I didn’t do before but now do all the time).

What about leeches?

Do I have leeches? Absolutely, loads of them. They get to master, enlightened or burned and then fail, but I have noticed some of those leeches have sorted themselves out, and some are even burned, purely through SRS magic. I have no doubt that studying will sort out the rest in time, so I let them continue in a carefree fashion.

So in conclusion, the only real time I’m spending on lessons is for the pink kanji items themselves, not because I care about them more but purely because I have to care about them more.

It’s worth noting I did study Japanese for a few years before I started using WaniKani, so some words like 義理, 用心棒 and probably some much harder ones I can’t think of, automatically pass through easily because I already knew the word and therefore, as long as I read the kanji out loud first (took a while to get into that habit) I was ok!

Also if you’re wondering what impact this method is having statistically, I’ll include that below…

Item levels


Level up times

Sorry for the long post, tried to keep as succinct as possible but keep firing over questions if you need to :smiley:


So first, I’m not using a reorder script (yep, I’m such a noob) but I’m still able to hold up a speed of about 8 days / lvl currently. I’m not going for a constant number of lessons nor do I push through all lessons each time I get them. This is what I do:

  1. When level up, I do all remaining lessons until I get to new radicals and do them. I don’t look much on first review vocab accuracy, so I go relatively fast through them. Usually I do not immediately start with new kanji on the day I level up.

  2. After that, I take 10 kanji per day (vocab is behind kanji, so that means I really do only 10 lessons per day). I know that it will take me about 4 days to get those radicals to guru, so I have 3 days to add newly unlocked kanji to the queue. At 10 items per day, I could get 30 kanji until my radicals get to guru. In most levels there are less than 30 kanji unlocked at this point, so they are all in my queue now before the radicals get to guru. I get most kanji to Apprentice 3 at the end of each day.

  3. I get all those radicals to Guru after 4 days and start with all newly unlocked kanji. In higher levels, they are typically less than 10. These will take another 4 days, and will cost me another day or two if I get them wrong one time, so I pay extra attention on them to get them right.

  4. While those new kanji are in the loop, I do 20-30 vocab lessons each day so that I don’t have a huge pile when I guru the second batch of kanji and level up again.

  5. Go to 1.

Rules that sum up my strategy: Level up speed is mostly constrained by current radicals (take 4 days) and by kanji that get unlocked by those radicals (takes another 4 days). Pay extra attention on them and get them right. Immediately unlocked kanji and their vocab are added on the way.

Voila, no reorder magic needed :slight_smile:


Why, I totally love it! Thank you for your detailed reply! This part dragged my attention most:

This look like biggest improvement I can adopt for myself. Mind tell a bit more about your vocab lessons routine? How much attention do you pay to mnemonics and example sentences? My biggest struggle is the last part, since I take examples way deep, thus slowing down a lot.
What’s your thoughts about example sentences? Feel important / take a peek / not-even-read?

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You’re very welcome :smiley_cat:

For vocab, not that much. For example, a few days I ago I learned 崩す and the mnemonic is:

You are Zeus, and you demolish everything in your path. Your friend Hercules watches and is all like "That’s coo’ Zeus (くず), that’s so cool.

I just know this will not work for me and I write my own:

The city demolished a cool zoo you loved to go to. That was a くず, yo. Why they done this thing?

And I move on - without any delay (maybe a few moments of reflection to really paint a picture in my head). The next time the item comes up for review I might fail it, but the mnemonic will be hitting my brain each time. So as long as the mnemonic works for me, it’s all handled via SRS.

Truth is, I only really look at the context sentences if I cannot understand the meaning of the vocab item, otherwise I forget they are there.

My attitude at level 1 was to read every one and for some natural reason I steered away from reading them as time went on.

I don’t feel like it’s hindered me at all, put it that way :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree level 30 is where my brain just just shut off and went “please do something else”

I’ve now had two short slacking breaks with few days of no reviews in between and then subsequent 1 month of just doing reviews and no lessons. Currently on my second break down and managed to come back down to 350 from 1000 and my apprentice numbers just keep coming up as I keep forgetting the Guru IIs because I miss my SRS periods.

Flaming Durtles has rearranging that puts most overdue items first based on how much they are overdue relatively. This seems to help me as it pushes the enlightened items back more as they are not that critical to miss by few days.


Just hit the first observation deck! The view is okay, but I want to get the view from the top, so I’m getting out of here!


Aka susume


maaaannn I keep telling myself I’ll stop being lazy and stick to an actual steady routine, so this was good to read. I feel inspired lmao. :sparkles:



I did it! Back from the 1000 review death, still too much apprentices to get new lessons but much much better situation now.


Way to go Yarumari! :slightly_smiling_face: Nice to see that zero reviews right there.


Level 31! I’m finally in Hell. Once I finish with level 35, I’m planning to slow it waaaay down as my ability to retain the new things I’m learning is dropping exponentially. I need to deal with some of these leeches before moving much further. Phew! But until then, I’m gonna keep grinding through new lessons and stick to my two week level up.


Today is my
:tada::tada: 1st WK anniversary :tada::tada:
and I just leveled up to level 38. :relaxed:
Let there be pizza for everyone!
:pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza::pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:


Amazing accomplishment😁

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And here is some for you as well! :smirk:
Congratulations @Deenarrhea and Happy Anniversary @mmm333!
As @Marifly keeps saying, and I quote, “onwards and upwards”
Keep on climbing!


Thanks for making this! I’m glad to have a thread I can reasonably work towards my goal on and hopefully actually accomplish it! I let myself get lazy over the pandemic and had to start over! This should be fun!