Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

On to Level 23, took 17 days. Had lots of the kanji with the same meaning: 3 “plans”, 2 “values”, 3-4 different words for “criticism”. Oh my, hard to get them right.


Congrats! 17 days per level sounds good. It’s better to take your time and really learn the kanji and vocab than to rush too fast!

I just reached level 19. Almost 1/3 of the way to the top. Onwards and upwards!


Agreed, totally hate this thing too. So far I have plenty of “reasons”, “thoughts” and “feelings”, though I barely feel I can tell the difference between all of them. And Koichi seem to not pay much care to explain it in meaning mnemonics or wherever else in future.
Wish they could put at least couple of lines more about it.


i came back from way too long a break im going to try to stay motivated even if i get tired from life stuff ><


Welcome back!


Adding myself on! I’m not really aiming for level 60 if I’m completely honest, but it’d be nice to see myself hit level 40 in that time, or higher if I manage it!

My average is ~19 days give or take due to taking short lesson breaks every 5-6 levels. I’m currently in the middle of a lesson break actually, to knock down my guru numbers whilst I turn my focus to other study, so expecting a slow couple of levels before I start making progress again. No scripts over here either!


Welcome to the thread!

Just go at your own pace! It’s better to go slow than to go too fast and burn out.


I levelled up to 22 yesterday!

I might post my level updates here now that I’ve graduated from the Level 21 before 2021! thread. :woman_student:

My next level might take longer than usual though. I’m going on a “staycation”. One where I actually stay at my house but do stuff in and around the city I live in. Rather than the kind of staycation where you travel to somewhere else in the country and stay there (not a staycation in my eyes :face_with_monocle:).


Congrats on your level up!! Looking forward to following you here too.

Staycations are nice! It’s good sometimes to explore your own city. Have fun!


おはようございます! I decided to do a review session before breakfast and was rewarded with a level-up! Let’s see what Level 6 has to offer. But first: 朝ご飯お食べます!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a nice weekend.
Rest hard, study hard, party hard. 頑張って!


Good morning and congrats on your level up! Just keep climbing!


:cherry_blossom: 16 level get! :cherry_blossom:

New Saturday - new levelup!

Keeping my 7days/level pace for 3rd week in a row, yay!

…my promotional email is so encouraging as well:

phew, so relieving to know I don’t have to push myself anymore down to 6 days/level and can just relax and super-chill at confortable lazy 7days/level mark!

Jokes aside, now straight to a new 0/0 mark! :muscle:

P.S. @bagusprabangkoro couldn’t see your promotional post around (well, guess we don’t have to spam it here and there if we don’t feel to, right?) and started to worry already, but seems like you managed to promote properly in time as well, good job! :+1:


I want to know who these amazing people are who born never sleep AND manage to hack the SRS system to let them level up in less than 6d 20hrs, hehe.


There is @MegaZeroX on this thread. I also do that for a few level in the goal to gain one day to have a more comfortable schedule in the long terme.
Hard but less that you imagine. :slight_smile:

Hehe, no, I meant it’s impossible to do a level faster than 6d 20hrs, so anyone saying they’re doing 6 days and ignoring the hours is somewhat misrepresenting, because it’s only 4 hours away from being a whole 7 days, hehe.

I’m trying to keep a perfect 7 day rate, but with a toddler, I don’t always do the reviews in time, so am always a few hours off, hehe


Oh, gotcha.
Well, if you don’t discount the fast levels … eheh

はい! Yeah, if you average it all out and count the short levels in the average, it actually works out as 5.5 days per level. The fast levels are the only way I see myself only missing the Luminaries target by a week, hehe


yeaaay 16! :partying_face: we’re keeping on same pace so far :wink:
I just updated the wiki this morning, and right after that I got to meet technician to fix internet problem in my house haha.

Chill but fast haha. For me, it’s easy to remember when to level up, and clear up lesson pile ~


Ooo, congrats!

That’s a great pace, whatever works for you is best. :+1:

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Whoops, forgot to update my current level :sweat_smile:
Also, don’t think I didn’t notice you @RoseEater. I saw exactly how you sneaked up from below, used the tailwind and now surpass me :wink: Well done! I hope we’ll see each other at the first observation deck, can’t wait!