Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Sorry I keep updating. Officially back to 0. Not to say I dont have a lot of reviews ahead of me. I pause wanikani on the weekends so on monday ill have 264. Followed by 320 on tuesday and 210 on Wednesday. But, knocking things back down to business as usual. 68-75% on the last bit so I improved. yay! Until the end of the thing ill be aiming to burn as much as I can now and run with you guys actively! Good luck tower people. YOu still got a pretty good chunk of time!


Between Christmas, work, studies and other big C related events, I fell off track a little… but am back, got to level 15 and even burned my very first items this month!!


@TheVeggieMunch i see u went up 3 levels already…
How does it feel upstairs? Is the air thinner? Getting your “breathing” under control is essential i think.


Reached level 37 yesterday.
I am on track for level 45 for May and and level 60 before the end of the year.


Woah, I’m Level 44 now :flushed:

I’m used to having more than 120 lessons upon level-up due to undone lessons from the previous level, but I only have 94, huh.

First level completed within 10 days for a while! I’ll be going fast-ish until my holiday ends, then pace myself and probably aim for around 2 weeks on each level. Hopefully the workload will decrease then until it’s easy to keep up with WK.


あけましておめでとうございます❕ Happy New Year!
Congrats to @febley & @sansarret on reaching level 60! You did it! :smiley:

Congrats to @vizi you’ve surpassed me on the climb up, keep it up; And congrats to @amagi on your level ups!

I hit level 53 this week, hoping for a slightly faster pace now that I’ve finished my licensing exam


Whoa, you reset all the way to level 1? I would die. I always only reset 10 levels. Well… hope it all works out.


Hi all! I’ve got to the top of the tree on December 31st, as planned. Now I’ve gurued the last bunch of kanji, and almost done with lessons.

Here is my Level 60 post.

I’ve very grateful to @Marifly for starting this thread, and to everyone posting their progress and encouraging folks along the way. Some months the need to report here was really helping me to get my motivation back.

Best wishes and good luck to everyone in 2022!


I haven’t been here since October, but I’ve been studying everyday! Realistically it’s impossible for me to make it to level 60 by May 22, and at my current pace it’s unlikely I’ll make it to the 2nd observation deck either. I’ll try to make it as high as possible though! :smiley: I’m keeping my goal at 60 because that’s my ultimate goal anyway. Now let’s see if I remember to come back here again before level 40 lol.


life is messy at the moment so i doubt i will hit my goal (it was a hefty goal in the first place), but i kind of like taking it low and slow. i feel like if i stress too much about it, it’ll only discourage me from keeping at it


@sansarret Congratulations. I cannot agree more. I hope that @Marifly makes it back sometime, and just knows that they helped me stay on track with my goals, and I’m very grateful.

@Brasa Welcome back! When in doubt slow and steady. It’s taken me 1.5 to get to this point, but it’s better than not at all, and it’s better than going quicker but forgetting more things as well, imho.

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