Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

One more level-up to 53, took the habitual 12 days. Now need to clear some reviews which I allowed to pile up a little bit (293 at the moment) in the last week.


This is what your WaniKani item distribution looks like if you abandon it for several months and return to grind your way through the 3000+ review backlog…

42 apprentice, 1830 guru, 290 master, 1045 englightened, 5735 burned

Will try to keep on top of it this time! :grimacing:


Now you know what happens after a Disney animation movie ends :laughing:


Obligatory level up post. ( /^ ▽ ^ )/

Will go slower on the next level, I don’t feel I actually remembered anything at all this time around. Guess I’ll catch them when they cycle back.


Thanks to #lifeevents it’s been 163 days since I last posted here (i.e. since I last levelled up). I have accordingly adjusted my goal down to the 2nd observation deck and have also adjusted my intended pace from here on up.


@amagi senpai! when we get to level 35 it’s only 15 levels left. That’s like nothing anymore :smiley: :smiley:

I’m due for a level up tomorrow if I don’t mess anything up.


Lol, You mean 25?

I just learned my last Kanji for Level 34, so if nothing goes wrong them I’ll be 35 by Tuesday evening.


Nice… I guess there is a reason why I always had low grades in 数学 :joy: .
But it’s 15 levels to the “old” final level so…

Yay, I reached the first observation deck! Can’t believe it! :partying_face:


I reached level 20 today! Still need to finish it to move on to the “Death” levels, but just reaching it is nice in itself :laughing: I’ve been doing pretty good these last levels, except for my awful sleep schedule causing me to delay some reviews to the next day haha. I don’t really do a set number of daily lessons anymore. I’ll still usually do 20 lessons, but if I feel like doing less for whatever reason then that’s okay. Overall I feel like my retention these last few levels has been pretty good though.

Review Heatmap (Streak: 125)

Lesson Heatmap (Streak: 82)

Workload Graph

WK Stats Level-Up

WK Stats Dashboard


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:oopsies i took another break!! reset back to level 14, and lets hope i don’t get too stressed with managing school and japanese!


I fell completely off track these past weeks; I didn’t think of using the vacation mode, left to go to my sister’s 3 days engagement celebration and… came back to 400+ reviews. It somehow hit me so hard that I didn’t find it in me to do more than a dozen reviews a day, if any, and after a nice streak of about 7 days per level, this one took me about 20 to reach (with most of the work happening this weekend). I have been using WaniKani for about 112 days now, including June when I registered and nearly didn’t use it at all, and this month. It’s difficult to not feel bad about this, but I’m just glad I’m back on tracks and ready to leave the Pleasants!

No matter how long it’ll take… level 60 and Tokyo SkyTree, here I come (again)! :tada:


Shameless Level Up Post! Am I on an observation deck?


I loved this idea. But seriously… how you guys manage to achieve high levels THAT fast?? I struggle to get from one level to another in on whole month :cold_face:


Kinda of an update😁:
Didn’t level up yet. Level 42 is much much more pleasant to me than what intially thought🙂. Maybe because i got rid of some of my leeches last level🧐.
I am getting close to 4500 burns. Not sure when i can expect myself to level up tbh.


You are! You’re on the first observation deck! Congratulations. :smiley: :confetti_ball: :tada: :confetti_ball: :smiley:


Aaah I feel you! School gets really intense at times and you get very little energy to do WaniKani when you get home. Take it slow, you’re doing great :sparkles:


Made it to the first observation deck!
I haven’t managed to keep up the pace with lessons every day, but I’ve been able to stay on top of my reviews. Here’s hoping I keep it that way! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yehyowch! This is what I get for forgetting about vacation mode when I go on a literal vacation…


Finally put my name down after lurking this thread for a year. Lv60 by Spring was a low-key goal, but its official now! If I’d been thinking about this board maybe Lv 40 wouldn’t have taken 55 days :frowning:. At current 12-13 days pace I get there some time in May, or early June at worst, but I’m hoping the late game fast levels will help with that. Lv43 could be a 7 day level!