Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

I’m level 34! These levels after 30 hit different, I actually feel like I get closer to 60, the levels before 30 felt like drops in a bucket. (In my head i’m like 35 is almost 40, which is almost 50 which is almost 60 lol.)

What has made 42 such a long level?


Lot of turmoil in personal and work life. Basically I didn’t have the energy or the will to push forward. So I mainly stuck with doing a few reviews and only started lessons a couple of weeks ago and even just a few at a time.

At forum level, I also had an oath that whoever had the 42nd POLL thread should be at L42 to make it ever better. Since I went for POLL master role, I decided to stick at 42. That is complete now :+1:

Things are slowly looking up. So, I can pick things up again. :slightly_smiling_face:


My pace has slowed down a bunch since I’ve been mostly doing one single big session towards the end of the day, but I finally got to 40.


54 → 55 in 15 days 23 hours.
Now the last long level on the way to 60.


just reached level 14, let’s goooo…


Haha, same! As in, level 34 :smiley: . For me level 34 definitely feels closer to level 40 than it really is and it feels like I’m finally getting somewhere.

But on days like this one I’m increasingly thinking of dropping out or at least focusing more on other things, because the usual WaniKani shenanigans just keep accumulating. Today for instance WaniKani served me the word “calisthenics” which is just a fancy way to say “gymnastics” apparently :man_shrugging: .


I’m gonna keep going because there are still a couple kanji per page that I’ve never seen before, when I’m reading. So I want to get that unknown number as small as possible. I want to get to at least 50 before taking a break.

But I understand the feeling. “Calisthenics” is like body weight exercises, lol. I used to have that complaint more often. But I have been pleasantly surprised how useful some words I was sure I would never use have been.

What are you gonna focus of instead?


Right, that makes sense then. But do these unknown kanji come up often? Is that a light novel?
I’m reading children’s stories and some articles on NHK and it doesn’t often happen that an entirely new kanji shows up. For stuff from Aozora Bunko I’ve been using a reference sheet with WK kanji per level vs how often they appear per text and I get the impression it’s a little biased, because even at higher level one encounters fairly low level (proficiency wise) kanji.

My subscription lasts until Jan next year so I might get to level 40+ or something and then stop.

I had to check the Wiki article on calisthenics, because I heard that word maybe twice in my entire life. Previous offenders were “flatulence” and “boisterous”. It felt like reading Pride and Prejudice :stuck_out_tongue: .

Most likely improving my reading skills and vocabulary by reading tons. I’m behind on that and cannot see myself taking N3 next year yet. The grammar I’m learning from Tobira is getting more and more niche or something I’ve casually encountered elsewhere so I might use it for reference only.

Until I start picking up books which are way above my grammar/kanji level :smiley: .

Speaking of unknown kanji, I just encountered 霰 (hail) in a children’s story and it’s not on WaniKani. An alternative kanji for “hail” is 雹, also not on WaniKani, so I think prioritizing reading is not a bad idea :slight_smile:


I’m reading 時をかける少女、A few young adult Manga, my teacher also assigns articles meant for native middle schoolers, and there are always lots of kanji that we don’t know.

I’d like to be able to take N3 or N2 next year which means getting to level 51 for either of the tests. What’s really going to hold me back is vocabulary, and my listening. My subscription lasts until next August so I should be able to get to 60, I just won’t be able to burn everything…

I’ve found that kanji understanding has become a “background” skill that lets me learn better by making reading a bearable experience. (I guess I should start tobira again sometime as well.)


Anybody feel hot today? I am. You know why? Because it’s burn day!

Screenshot from 2021-10-04 14-10-41

Let’s check out outcome in 2 hours~


Phew, it’s always a pleasure to see such a burned pile!
146 out of 173 - 84%, quite nice outcome after 4 months not seeing these items.
Can’t wait for a next upcoming enlightens pile~


How many items do you still have to burn?


Around 4k, I guess. So it’s half way behind!


You’re scaring me! I thought it was supposed to be easy after level 60!


Well. At some extent.
Good news: no more cards by WK! Yeah, eat that, Crabinator, you have no more power over me!
Bad news: now you have to make your own cards in Anki for every word you face in a wild. Not only learn them, but figure out actual meaning (enjoy sorting 業務、作業、仕事、職務、事業 in order of increasing scale), make mnemonics, etc. Did I say there are lots of kanjis beyond WK course? Yes 葡萄 they 蜜柑 are 反芻 (just 3 examples from my last italki lesson that blew my brain).


Ready, Steady, October Updatty!

:scream: :scream: :scream: Stats now with average level!! :scream: :scream: :scream:
As you can see, the average level stayed around level 15 for a while but began rising steadily about seven months ago and is now coming closer to level 20 :point_down: :point_down:


Phew, October already! I was half of September on vacation and set WK on vacation mode accordingly. How time flies when you’re not doing reviews :flushed:
I have decided to put down WK for some time and use Anki again. The last few months I was doing WK only for the BURNS. Although reviews become less and less over time after reaching level 60, you have to bring up a considerable amount of time to do them. I feel like it’s eating time I could use otherwise. Currently, I have burned something like two thirds of all items and I don’t see any good reason why I should continue. What I’ll do is I will invest this time into reading. Farewell, crabigator. I’ll come back when I forgot all the Kanji :woozy_face:

(but - don’t panic - stats updates continue)


It is NOT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




I’ll be at the first observation deck in seven days, you can might me there… to “help” me.


I’m up to 80% burned now! :slight_smile: