Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Hey @whinette you did it! :partying_face: Way to go! :cake: :cupcake: :fireworks: What kind of cake are you going to get?


Also congrats to everyone on your level ups! )^o^(
@bangis & @joeni & @Mrs_Diss Wow, 4 levels in a month!
@here34 , @vizi , @sansarret , @KyokaJiro , @stay_coolxd


& to @kramabrab , & @maidoesthings


i haven’t updated here in a while…

last time was like four levels ago lol


Unsure yet. :wink:


Just hit level 14 (my fastest level up since finishing level 2) and almost a quarter of the way there.


瑠 (Lapis Lazuli、る)

I just had to laugh at how there’s some Kanji for super random things. What on earth is a Lapis Lazuli? Not like there’s any vocabulary for it in WK either :joy:


It’s a mineral that has a distinct blue color, distinct enough that its name design its specific color in multiples languages (I assume Japanese too).

It also appears a lot in rpg.


That is cool and all. But i only heard of it in minecraft. When i used to play 5 or 6 years ago.

Didn’t mean to reply to you sry


I’ve never played Minecraft unfortunately so I’m not too educated on the term Lapis Lazuli. Seems to be a popular Kanji though according to Google Trends, however it is mainly used for people’s names


oof, had a bit of a rough semester and ended up amassing quite the review pile, now that it’s summer time to get back to reviewing!


Lapis Lazuli literally means blue stone, because it’s got such a rich blue colour. it was an important trade-good for thousands of years, being mined almost exclusively in what is now afghanistan, and being traded to china, india, the middle east, egypt, europe… in western art it’s also known as ultramarine and used as pigment for blue paint. in renaissance paintings easy to identify the most important/holiest people (baby jesus, the virgin mary) in a painting because they’ll be wearing blue garments, painted with ground-up lapis lazuli. it is mentioned in some of the oldest recorded myths, e.g. the sumerian goddess Innana wore a breastplate out of Lapis Lazuli during her descent into the underworld…

…i might have a bit of a thing for this blue stone :wink:


Just hit level 22 :slight_smile:


My rate of progress is very consistent and very slow which is why I put the second observation deck as my goal. :smiley:


46 to 47 in exactly 12 days.
The air is getting thinner and thinner :grin:
I’ve recently achieved my 600 days review streak, I’m actually at 610 now.

Today I started the placement test on KameSame for level 1 - 10 Kanji, so far only 2% missed. Over the next days I’ll go through 1 to 30 I think. While reading I’ve noticed, that some of the 10 to 30 Kanji are becoming a bit hazy.


Can I join too? I just hit level 6 today :smiley:


Yes ofc you can.


welcome to the skytree climbers :smiley:

…add yourself to the first post (if you haven’t done so already) and keep us updated on your progress! ^^


Hello, this is Skytree radio and welcome to Skytree monthly level stats overview. I’m mmm333 and please enjoy our program.

intro music plays

Last month, we were at a total of 716 group members, but since then of course the number has reached new heights - just as our climbers.
We’re now at a whopping 760 climbers. Our entire station wishes the best to all of the newcomers.

We have received a lot of letters and calls asking the question how a radio station is able to present stats graphs visually when the audience can only listen.

The solution is simple, very simple in fact… But, as I’m right now informed by our lawyer, I’m not permitted to share this secret, so you just have to wait and hear for yourself.

This month’s level distribution is presented by HiClimb* - your climbing gym on Hawaii.

And now we come right to the stats:

statistical music plays


animate statistical music plays


This was Skytree monthly level stats overview, broadcasted to you from the top of Tokyo Skytree. Thank you for tuning in - this is mmm333 and see you next month.

outro music plays


yay for statistics :smiley: i like a nice data visualisation

myself, i’ve reached level 20, last of the painful levels :wink:

7 days 1 hour, i forgot one of the reviews so i got a little late. not a problem though ^^ this level felt a bit more difficult. nothing major, but the weather changed and my hayfever got stronger, a bit more outside activity (first hike of the season, various appointments), i found it a bit more difficult to concentrate on lessons and stick to schedule. accuracy also suffered a little, but overall still fine. did at one point find myself with 170 apprentice items, but got that back down soon enough. i’m thinking that if things continue like this, i ought to be fine. but of course i’ve still got three weeks until burns start coming in. people say that’s when you start feeling the full load, so i’ll see how that goes.

whether you are scaling the skytree at break-neck speed or, or taking the levels at a more sedate (and sane) rate, as long as we don’t stop we can all make it to the top! 頑張ってください!


It seems that I have reached the Second Observation Deck. Getting 124 lessons at once was… quite a surprise, though.