Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Congrats Kuuru san :grin:



I should level up tomorrow (unless I fail multiple critical kanji). I decided that I’m not going to use the reorder script on the next level. I think it will help me to do all the related vocab soon after guru’ing the kanji instead of putting it off until after new radical and kanji lessons. I feel like I’ve gradually had more and more excess undone vocab lessons in each level so it’s a good time to slow down a bit. After all, I’m more than halfway through the levels and there’s still a year to go in our challenge. It’s a really crazy time at work… once the school year finishes I’ll have more time too. Last summer I read the first HP book in Japanese and this summer I plan to tackle #2! I bet I will have to look up a lot fewer words this time. :+1:


:cherry_blossom: Level 51 get! :cherry_blossom:

I’m still under a huge backlog of lessons, but hopefully next week my admission rush would come to an end and from 再来週 I could finally devote myself to digging this pile!


Thanks for the awesome graphs mmm333さん!^ - ^

Reached Level 15 yesterday :white_flower:

I’m going to cut down on lessons for a bit, my accuracy has been going down a bit and I’ve been reaching 150 reviews per day :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin:


Hello Observation deck 2.
44 to 45 in 15 days and 2 hours.


4000 burns! … now back to lessons…


Good job!! That’s a big milestone!


Got level 35 this morning, finally reaching the first observation deck! Only 10 more levels to go until the second observation deck, then 15 fast levels until the end. :partying_face:

I’m currently doing a fixed weekly schedule (lessons on wednesday 6PM and Sunday 8AM) which feels reasonable to keep up for the next few months. Got hit hard by KaniWani about a month ago, which I kept delaying until I somehow built up a surplus of 700 lessons. Managed to buckle down and get through the entire pile over the course of 2 weeks.

In between, I also managed to finish TLoZ: Link’s Awakening HD in Japanese! Grammatically, the text isn’t THAT complex and since I often played the original in Japanese I’d usually have a vague idea of what NPCs were trying to say. It even has an option to turn furigana on and off! (I made it easier on myself and just left them on the entire time :eyes:)

Currently looking for another game to play in Japanese, was surprisingly fun and good for passive exposure. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to share! :slight_smile:


I’m envious of your apprentice count.


maybe mario and sonic at the olympics? it’s on nintendo and you basically just wander around tokyo to complete missions (it’s more fun than that i promise), probably good for learning place names and sports stuff if you’re into that


Level 28 this morning.
Lessons and reviews are starting to pile up again. Maybe I’ll slow down at Level 30, depends how I feel.


After 23 days of being on level 19, I’ve finally reached level 20!!


I’ve checked, but it doesn’t seem like JP language options for M&S are supported by default for my region. For Link’s Awakening and a few other games, I can just change my System Language and play them in Japanese that way. Thanks for the recommendation, though!


So, after Rowena advised me to start reading, I went through a Let’s Play of Dai Gyakuten Saiban (&2) on YouTube. It was fun switching off the English translation and yet understanding what was said on screen. Heartily recommended :slight_smile:

Elsewhere, I’m now halfway through level 40. Let’s see if I manage to climb out of Hell… .


Level 52! Been in more of a drawing mood recently so haven’t really been paying too much attention to WK, and considering taking this next level a bit slow to focus on that instead.


Did you find it easy enough to understand at this level? I’ve been thinking about buying it, but the fact that it takes place in the past has me worried about older vocabulary.


and level 16 completed, in 7 days 4 hours. bit annoyed at myself, because i just forgot that i had critical reviews 2 days ago, and only did them when 1st review time rolled around. i’ll see if i can maybe claw those hours back over the next level, but that will depend a lot on my sleep. otherwise it’s okay too :smiley:

i feel like i’ve been sprinting through these last few levels, and it feels really good. level 17 has significantly more items though, so we’ll have to see how that goes. on the plus side, i’ve only got 20 or so vocab from the last level.

somebody recently linked a playlist of someone playing stardew valley in japanese, and i’ve been watching that. it’s a great combo: a game which i enjoy and know well, watching somebody discover all the details of it, somewhat comprehensible input (because i know what’s going on), and he puts japanese subtitles on for at least some of what he says. it’s probably the best listening practice i’ve had so far :smiley:

as always it’s great to see everybody here advancing in your language studies, whether it be fast or slow. this is always one of the first posts i check on the forum!

p.s. @exsys you racing me or what? :wink:


Hmm. As I wrote, the walkthrough does have an English translation (via CC), so I switched it on if I absolutely couldn’t follow what was going on. Also, /a/ the game itself has quite a lot of furigana; /b/ I have a feeling that the most difficult thing would turn out for you to be the words that instead of in kanji were written in kana.

But, see for yourself! Here’s the first video: [SUB ENG] Dai Gyakuten Saiban ~ The Adventure of the Great Departure - Trial (1/3) - YouTube .


finally moved up to level 31… how to deal with 752lessons though :sweat_smile:


Finally I have reached Level 15!

I was afraid it would become much harder. Finally by reducing my pace by one day I can keep up quite easily… at least until now!