Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Leveled up to 37 after 20 days and 1 hour. This was my longest level up in a while .

what hold me back in my opinion

I got headache for couple days. Got demotivated. And got overwhelmed by review, spicy combo isn’t it?

I am pretty ok now. I feel much better and got all my reviews down. I am ready :smile:


About this challenge, do you need to plan on hitting level 60 by next spring to be in this thread (I don’t think it is possible for me to hit it at my current rate)?


No, if you look through the leaderboard you will see that some folks have chosen other goals, such as the second or first observation deck. So just do the maths and calculate a challenging-but-attainable goal and join up. Welcome to the climb! :tokyo_tower:🧗‍♂


I just reached level 10, and got my first burns! Feels good. I was worried about the burns coming up, thinking “what if I don’t get them all right”?
Turns out I didn’t, and it wasn’t the end of the world. I got most of them :smiley:


Okay, I guess I will set my target level at 50, then (I am aiming for 8 days/level with the possibility of some breaks in there).

I also added myself to the wiki in the OP.


Finally level 50, but those N1 Kanji which have odd English meanings that I almost never hear of (chafe, hemp, crevice and mulberry) absolutely trip me up. In addition to going through the level 40s Kanji before going to bed, I also created an Anki Deck specifically for the aforementioned Kanji.

Comes at a detriment though- I’m quickly forgetting the meaning of most Level 30s Kanji. Will have to work on that


Silkworms feed on mulberry tree leaves, if that helps fix that word in your mind at all (I happen to have 2 mulberry trees in my garden :deciduous_tree:)


Isn’t there a nursery rhyme about mulberry trees?


Yes, in the nursery rhyme pop goes the weasel, they get chased round the mulberry bush


There’s also here we go 'round the mulberry bush


Made it 51 and finally left Paradise and risen (fallen?) into the Reality levels.

Honestly surprised I’ve managed to keep up this last streak (since early February) going at a fairly fast pace. Its felt like any day now burnout is gonna kick in and I’m gonna take another year break but it hasn’t happened yet.

I really do think that it largely comes down to me joining this thread (as well as the 0/0 challenge thread). Ever since I started keeping up with it, I’ve noticed my competitive side has been kicking in every time I start feeling lazy as I don’t wanna end up getting left in the dust by the others around my level. Now if only I could find something similar for drawing/exercising. . .

In any case, onwards to 60 and the final levels!


I went up a level at some point over the Golden Week holiday and… didn’t do much at any great speed lmao, but I’m back at it again. Ever since I stopped trying to go max speed I’ve had a much better time with WK and honestly having a pace that’s like 9-10 days per level has helped with retention. I might go fast again once I move away from Japan and don’t have constant immersion tiring me out…


Finally at the halfway point :pray:

Haven’t gotten the usual 9 days in a level like I’ve had for the longest time in these last couple of levels but I think this is alright.


Level 51 ~

Finally, back to reality. Past few weeks were so unbearable, I can feel the burnout. Even I already slowing down WK, but my work just getting more crazy. Now I’ll just take some rest and calm myself for few days while I’m chipping some leeches.



Level 20!! :smiley:

Feels like the crowds are thinning out a bit as I move from the 10-19 bracket into the 20-29 one… My rate has slowed a bit recently but still working my way up :+1:


Even if you are going a bit slower, it is still progress, right?


I thought I could stealthily reach level 60 unnoticed as I was to busy to really deal with it at the time. But you lot are too good! THANKS EVERYONE! :hugs:

I finally got round to writing my level 60 post too…


Nobody can hide from the ever watching eye of @cephaus, hehe


I hit level 11 earlier tonight so it is on to the painful months.


It’s been a long while since I’ve checked in on this thread, got to move myself from 18 to 25. Unfortunately I’ve been slowing down a bit these past couple levels, around 12 days each. Need to pick up my pace again, but I keep putting off those reviews on my days off.