Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

I humbly let myself to disagree with this. Starting with March, animation obtained a certain significant twist. You now what it is? Yeah, that bar at lv60 finally began to grow!

And 716 climbers is amazing number! Now this thread is really something important board-wide, I guess? Perhaps, second important thread after POLL one?

  • Perhaps
  • It is 2nd backbone of the forum
  • Yes
  • Riot!

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Now I wonder what next race/climb thread would be after May 22 of 2022?

Yeah, right!


Yup, I love to perceive it this way as well. Both of us are parts of the same civilization, with us being adaptive and seeking part, that afterwards solidifies it’s experience down to automated machined foundation, supporting it’s entire structure. So as a result, the entire Earth-wide civilization keep moving on, for the sake of because it’s damn awesome.


Haha, yes, true. I meant compared to last month the changes were very subtle. I am determined to continue making these plots until May next year, so that we will have a nice clean gif for the entire life time of the thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I can see some of us distinctly on the chart though.


100 days!
I’m trying to hit level 60 in February, should be able to do it if I can go full speed on the fast levels :smile:


I’ll buy you the Japanese textbook of your choice if you can beat this time:


Already missed the chance, when I was on vacation for a couple weeks :smiley:





How dare you prioritise your life over learning kanji :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Stay_coolXD as long as you are still learning, it’s all good man!


level 16, in 7 days 13 hours, and a bit of a milestone ^^

i’ve been doing WK for just over 4 months now (started january 3rd). a quarter of the climb is behind me! i’ve also got some nice numbers :wink: as of today i’ve passed 20’000 reviews, and i have over 1000 enlightened items. and also for (i think) the first time, more master items than guru. if i can maintain this rate of progress reaching the top by next may seems quite achievable ^^ (the fast levels potentially even give me a little wiggle room if i need some downtime, though they kind of scare me).

WK and the forums have been great for me! not only because WK teaches kanji so well, but also because the forums are so encouraging (shoutout to @Marifly, and everybody participating in this climb, without you i probably wouldn’t be going as fast!). and thanks to the forums i’ve also started reading, which is fun and gives me an active use for what i’ve been learning! (shoutout to @IntrepidFox for starting the やがて君になる bookclub!). and reading unlocks that sweet sweet learning by exposure skill :smiley:

tldr: 1/4 done, things are going well, you all are awesome :smiley:


5 level to go, 20 days remaining if I can keep it up.
I’ve realised I will be short of 2 days for a whole year of WK (began on 26/05/2020, will finish on 24/05/2021 if everything goes as planned).


Just levelled up :muscle: this time with only 30 or so lessons instead of 100 lol, should be able to get through all them and the radicals today if I do 10 lessons every hour :smiley: not sure if I will do the radicals though because I have a lot of apprentice and I would like to get that down to 100 before starting the next level… I don’t like waking up and having to do over 70 reviews like I just did -_-


So i have been here longer. truly didn’t expect that :rofl: (though only 2 months difference) it feels like you always was there…


@KyokaJiro congrats for the level up :star_struck:.
Will try to catch up to you
Without overwhelming myself this time


Amazing work, great to see you are participating in book clubs. I can’t wait to hear how this shapes your journey :eyes: :muscle:

I know you will anyway, but, keep us updated!



Arigatou Kuuru san :slight_smile:

Slow and steady has always been the mantra :grin:


Starting to read has been by far the biggest step up in this journey.

i’d tried reading before, with graded readers and よつばと. but it was a combination between frustratingly difficult and boring. then around my level 10 or so IntrepidFox suggested a book-club for Bloom into You/やがて君になる, which i’d loved as an anime. so i set up an account on amazon.co.jp. managed to find my way through the site in japanese far enough to switch the interface to english (a milestone of its own back then). and got the kindle version (might need to get a kindle someday so i don’t have to read on the laptop).

they say to read stuff which is a little above your level. やが君 was way above my level when i started. but i wanted to read it. so i persevered. i had to look up so much stuff! but there were jokes, and drama, and tension, and a kiss! and i wanted more.

after the first volume we decided to wait until the beginning of may to continue with やが君, but i wanted to continue reading. so i grabbed a different manga (あさがおと加瀬さん/Morning Glory and Kase-san). that had had a short animated movie which i’d really enjoyed, so i was happy to read more of that. and i’ve just finished the second volume of that :smiley:

it’s still excruciatingly slow. it took me about 2 hours to read 40 pages last sunday. but i get deeply immersed. i’ll be like, okay, i need to do reviews in 45 minutes, i can read a bit. next time i think of something other than reading 3 hours have passed and my reviews are piling up :wink:

what’s mostly slowing me down is looking up kanji i don’t know. i’ve definitely gotten faster since i started, both at looking up kanji, and because i’ve advanced a few levels on WK. i’ve also gotten better at recognising them outside of the WK context, and in a variety of fonts. it’s also showing me where i need to work on grammar (verb forms!). and it’s given me a new understanding of why i’m putting in all this work to learn this language: i want to be able to pick up any book at a bookstore and read it.

the bookclub for やが君 has started up again, and i got the whole series when it was on sale on amazon. so plenty to read there. and there’s a bookclub suggested for 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない, which looks like it might match my tastes, so i’ll try to read along there.

tldr: reading! it’s awesome! grab a book! have fun! get better at japanese :smiley:


I had to reset after being away for a few months, but I’m basically back to level 3 after a little less than a month. Really a testament to how effective the SRS is that I was able to bounce back.

I’m definitely going to recommit to my goal of getting through a level every 7-10 days. Wish me luck!



Just hit 14 for the second time ^-^