Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

I’d taken a few months of break and found that when I returned, I was blanking on a lot of the stuff from the 20s, so I reset back to 20, but was still finding that I A) couldn’t remember a lot of stuff and B) had over 2000 reviews due. Now, I’d done larger review piles than this before, but they’re not fun, so in the end I just reset back to 10 so I could go back over the stuff I’d forgotten.


I had the intention of completing all 60 levels by mid July this year because I have Military Conscription, but it looks like that’s not gonna happen :joy:

Doing fast levels at maximum speed is absolutely insane. One has to do about 40 lessons a day every day at such a speed. Additionally, I’ve forgotten most of the vocabulary in the Level 20s and 30s because of this. Think I’m going to work towards Level 50 before I head off.


Wanikani mnemonics sometimes are bad but i really liked this one.

because it is true


Recently finished hell, but I think I took the wrong turn and entered the Leech Hell instead of Paradise :expressionless:
I keep mixing up English words, so I started adding synonyms in my native language.


…for a given value of “fine” :smiley:
(that’s seriously scary to me! and i’ve been averaging over 200 reviews per day lately)

…i love hiking in the mountains. and if WK were a hike, it feels like i’m going up a steep mountain. it’s a nice steady climb which i can keep up all day. and then i see the fast levels up ahead, and it looks like i’m walking towards a vertical wall :smiley:

…but i’ve still got a long way to go until then :wink:

edit: also, does anybody have an idea why my userscripts might suddenly have stopped working?


:cherry_blossom: Level 46 get! :cherry_blossom:

Fast levels again, finally!

Ouch, so this was an option the whole time? You mean, I didn’t have to add all new confusing EN words in my corresponding EN Anki deck to learn meanings for meanings in WK for all these “atrocious”, “lucidity”, “daffodil” and figure out difference between “forge” and “forgery”? What a discovery at lv46.

jk, guess I’d rather want to thank WK now for such an opportunity to improve both of my beloved languages and introducing such a fancy terms. Like, if WK is sufficient for JLPT N2, then it should drag my EN skills to somewhat around CEFR B2 as well? What a generous offer to learn language and learn another one for free, Crabinator. I appreciate this.
Added one particular single the only synonym for entire time though. My brain fail to admit 軍艦 being battleship, since last one is specifically 戦艦 with former being quite broad term for all the warships. Due to 軍艦島 common name being “Battleship island” I see why they wanted to do this, and I know this term being too specific to lots of people to care about details, so I didn’t file this issue to support. Good thing, we have this synonym feature to calm down heart of this humble navy history fan.

@RoseEater To not sully the glory of 空木初大先輩達! :fist:

JLPT is keep crawling at me as well. And I don’t have spare opportunities to take it anymore, so the only option for me is to pass it this July. I’ve booked it already in 3 different spots to not fall into the same ditch of COVID cancellations like last year, so hopefully this time the only issue to care about is an actual JP skills.


Should admit, it’s quite intriguing to see all the people ahead of me on a single screen after such a while :eyes:

With such a view it actually feels like the mountain peak is near and actually reachable.

@Mrs_Diss oh hello there, fellow hiking lover! Yup, recalling back to my 00s-10s it was totally felt like tumbling around lawns at the base of the mountain:

But then I figured out I want something more than some chilling around and got down to actual learning. Fast levels are actually scary and totally feels like last spourt at the snowy cape of a mountain. Good news, before than my brain got quite used to remembering kanjis and vocab and I made proper schedule to keep the pace. Guess, I could improve it even further, but - uh, oh - too bad it’s only 60 levels and I won’t be able to use these improved skills anymore. Still, it feels great to learn to learn. So despite it feels impossible from the 10s perspective, it’s quite manageable when you reach it, good luck!


I can’t forget when I learned that thing here


it’s kind of my hope, that by the time i hit the fast levels (around the new year maybe?) all the exercise from current levels will have made it easier. it works like that with hiking too, after all; the more one hikes, the easier it gets ^^


Yeah, never been that close.
I think I’ll continue on kitsun once I’m done with wk. :wink:


Yesssssss, tempted to do this soooooooooo much with all this bunch of these injures/losses/damages, refusals/denials/rejections, abolitions/abstainials/disposals etcetcetc - when I just “Gosh darn you all the same thing after all stop bugging me!”
But then get it together and keep doing my reviews. Perhaps, there are actually could be some faint nuance between all of this? Too bad all we have is pretty brief notes regarding meaning of each vocab. Wish we had more broad explanations between proper usages and context of suitability for each.


Is it good? Mind introduce me a bit of brief gist? I’ve seen it, but so far can’t figure it’s approach (I mean, for me it looks like doing exactly the same thing as Anki).

Plan of mine is to add to Anki all the words I noted down during reading of context sentences on WK. So far this heap is snowballing just too fast to manage it concurrently the actual WK studies, since I have to make new cards by myself in this case… But anyways there are just too much of good words I just can’t miss and want to shove into my head.
Like, who knew they call AA batteries 単3形電池? Thank you, 戸棚 vocab.


Consider using Yomichan to automatically create Anki card from browser? It’s handy when you read anything in the wild and want to really learn it.


Yeah I’m sure there is specific usage and nuances on certain words, and ideally we need to dig deeper into that. But you know hehe, I’m just too lazy, understanding only important meaning is good for me. :rofl: I think it’ll come naturally when we got a lot of input and context in future.


Yup, heard about it as well. Still, just always lack time to actually learn it properly and just keep dumping new words with context into bare .txt (not much to proud about for programmer, uh on, welp guess each skill takes it’s turn. Now I’m totally into JP phase).

Anyways, thanks for advice! Totally would dig into it later!


Yep i know that feeling. That’s why i use symptoms :smiling_imp:
Though i only do it if the meaning i wrote is available meaning for the kanji/vocab in jisho.
Would i recommend it ? Yeah, maybe :smile:


I leveled up to 31/地獄 today!
i am in hell GIF


It’s been rough, but I’m officially on the road for level up now! 6/35 kanji passed!


At long last…