Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

I had the same reaction :joy:


I finally made it to level 10!

Level 9 was my slowest level so far (7 days 19h), but strangely I found it easier than the 2 previous ones.

I also messed up for the first time with Master items, getting them back to guru… well I was quite upset with myself but I accept it as part of the learning process.


Made it to level 18!

I’ve been starting to slack on doing my lessons in a timely manner and still had to work through nearly 50 lessons yesterday to clear out that stack before I leveled up this morning. And then I had to get through 50 lessons today just so I could get the all the radicals from 18 into my SRS so I could stay on time. It’s starting to get a bit rough, but I think I’ll do better if I’m just more aggressive in doing more lessons.


I just reached my first fast level (43) and the thought of having to do 40-50 lessons a day scares the daylights out of me


:cherry_blossom: Level 45 get! :cherry_blossom:

Oh, 2nd Observation Deck, is that you? Maaaaaaaaaan, just looooook at this view, it’s amazing!

Look at this, I bet you!


Fast levels are a thing, ngl. Stay tuned and let’s see when I can get back to some sane numbers. Coming week should be relatively spare, so I can devote couple of days to actually do the drill.

All right, let’s just appreciate I managed to see another great piece of art possible on “Lessons” button, right?


Is it time to flex one’s performance? Here we go.



Wonder if I could beat 100/day this time?


Hit 45 late last night but didn’t feel like posting so just updated my leaderboard position and then noticed a bunch of others also hit the second observation deck recently.

Was nice timing for me since I was starting to feel really lazy about doing my lessons and that gave me some motivation to try not to get left behind here alone :sweat_smile:

Also hit my 8 year anniversary recently . . . Really not sure how I’m feeling about that one :neutral_face:



oof i don’t think i can make it anymore


those of us who are still this far down will have to have pretty speedy runs to get to the top by may 22 of next year. but for me it’s never been about the date, it’s about the climb and getting to the top. i am trying to make it, and if all goes well i will. but there’s no guarantee that things will go well, so i’ll just keep going at the speed which i can.

and going at our own speed is all we need to do. that, and keep on going on!

even if we miss the date, we can still make it to the top!

頑張ろう! ^^


I also joined in 2013 (in November) - we can do it!


Oof oh no no no b. b. I am not about that life.

Does that mean you learn 76 a day?!


Didn’t expect to see anyone else from 2013 around here honestly :joy:

It may take forever, but I’m sure we’ll both get there . . ! eventually . . !


Level 25!
The halfway point’s not far off now.


You know that you don’t actually have to go fast, yes?

I’d say that you are persistent, a trait much valued by the Japanese.


I’d say stubborn would be a bit more accurate but close enough


Yes, I am very much aware of that. However, unlike most people here, I don’t have the luxury of time. I have to go for Military Conscription in July (which lasts 2 years), where of course I won’t really have the time to learn new Kanji and vocabulary on WK, so I’m trying to learn as much Kanji and vocab as possible before that and then bring along my 2500 Kanji book for revision in the barracks.


I spent 2.5 years in the military in my youth - the phrase ‘Hurry up and wait’ was used often by us as we turned up promptly for this, that and the other in large groups, then got processed in ones and twos. Though whether you’d be permitted a mobile on your person these days and could sneak in some kanji reviews is something I am wholly ignorant of.

All the best to you!


Thanks! I’ve been told that no charging of mobile phones is allowed and the first two weeks is basically in camp confinement, so it seems that I definitely won’t be able to use WaniKani, even if its a little bit.

Hopefully the books will be able to reinforce whatever Kanji I’ve learnt lol


You can put WK in vacation mode.

I am not sure about the circumstances here, maybe @Jonapedia has something to offer. Jon san, any helpful advice? Thanks.

Note: Unrelated, Kudos to the Nendo PFP :grin: Na Aibo, ramen kuu ikouze :wink: ?


Thanks for the suggestion, I’d definitely do that before I head off, but I also want to finish WK before conscription, and then reading novels and the Kanji book I mentioned earlier to reinforce what I’ve learnt.

@Jonapedia is a fellow Singaporean so she knows what I’m talking about :grin: