Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

this is indeed very encouraging and cool! thank you for sharing. i feel like i find anecdotal evidence of this in my own life and family as well. resources for vietnamese unfortunately aren’t as ubiquitous as, say, japanese or chinese, but i am determined to make it work. many thanks again for the share!


But you have all these fine people climbing alongside you :wink:

And you are also privileged enough to be climbing perfectly alongside the wonderful @paupach :eyes:


I joined at the beginning of September when was still at level 1 (now at level 4). I think it will be difficult to get to 60 by May 2022 with all my other commitments, but let’s definitely try! :grinning:


Is this graphic part of a userscript? It looks really cool


Count me in Skytreenians! Let’s climb this thing together with the help of its holiness, the glorious Crabigator.


Indeed it is, thank you for asking!

It’s one of several features from rwesterhof’s pretty awesome WK Dashboard Cockpit, namely seanblue’s SRS and Leech Breakdown combined with rfindley’s beautiful Golden Burn. Very much worth checking out!

I think tailoring the dashboard to one’s personal needs and preferences is both neccessary and fun.
We’re here for the long climb (the whole 600+ metres), so making sure our study space looks cool and welcoming is one of the ways to stay motivated. I’m very grateful so many clever people are willing to put time and effort into those scripts. すごい!We’re spoiled for choice! ありがとうございます!


… and I’m there. First observation deck, phew. Give me a second…

What a view! I’m speechless and tired, it’s 1:30 am as I write this

This sure is one hell of a tower. The observation deck is not as crowded as I had imagined it, but I’m sure there are lot more on their way up. 頑張って!

@RoseEater Did my best to be on time, this was my fastest level up time since lvl 7 :sweat_smile: (7 days 10 hours). Anyway, かんぱい! :beers:


I’m still stewing at lvl 31 tho :eyes:

dang Rose, you’re 5 levels higher now :partying_face:


whew, finally moved up to level 11. I was a little slower than I would like to have been due to moving back into college dorms, but I’m full steam ahead now that i’m settled in!


I just levelled up 30 minutes ago to the last rung of this section of the climb :tada:

I realised yesterday that I had miscalculated my median level up time by a day (14, not 13) so have corrected the wiki. There seem to be a fair few of us at that pace, so Go Fortnighters!!


Great to see you, mate! First round’s on me.

かんぱい! :beers:

Scenes of mmm333 getting "lashed with the boys"

Scenes from later that very same evening


I’ll be waiting for you at the top, Pau-chan! (Bring more beers, pls)


How’d you know I wear glasses?


The answer is simple…

僕の前にいってビールを飲んでいる。 :eyes:

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Well, thank you for the 乾杯 RoseEater but I have to leave you guys in the First Observation Deck for now. I’m gonna try and catch up to @mikrohard-さん and @Toyger-さん.

Besides, it’s not like you and @mmm333-さん and @TvXFaded-さん all are not going to overtake me by the end of the year anyway, you guys’ pace is too fast for me! :sweat:

anyway I’ll still keep chugging along and hope you all do! As @Marifly-さん usually says: “onwards and upwards!”


You certainly can, cause I haven’t leveld since early May :wink:
I will move again soon, but not at full speed =P


Got N2 test in December so I have get to level 51 before then. Might be impossible :slightly_frowning_face:


You can do ittttt!


Go go go! :blush: And even if you don’t get to level 51 in time, as long as you have a nice knowledge balance between all the areas, you’ll most likely be fine.


The Dec JLPT is 10 weeks away, so at your declared pace you will be just shy; that said, the JLPT tables on the WK stats site are not anything official as there isn’t an official list of which vocab will or won’t be given on any particular test - such lists are made from looking at previous years’ tests.


Usually the lists are just the official ones from back when the JLPT had it public (which was before the big 2010 changes). And then they just use some data to separate the N3 and N2 (which used to be a single level)