Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

The view from the first observation deck is nice! So to everyone climbing, I am rooting for all of you. You can all make it so keep on climbing. I promise the view here is worth the climb.
let’s keep chugging along!


Actually, thing I hate most is me drowning in vocab examples really a lot.
I’m totally fine with doing radical or kanji lessons, but vocab is the biggest issue consuming like 80% of all my study time.
I read all the example sentences carefully and most of time take some neat expressions/words for my Anki deck.
And this consumes most of my study time, since instead of 1 vocab I learn like 2 or 3, and it take some time to check the meaning of words/expressions and make proper Anki note, of couse. Which is not as easy as just read WK pre-made lessons.

So even having enough spare time, I barely able to catch up to my level progression let alone any side Japanese studies for grammer etc.

On the other hand, such a text made intentionally on bilingual basis by the same person is such a unique material for language larning, I just feel a waste to skip it and not take any note.
I mean, I know all the dictionaries and jisho.org are always will be there. But they never tell you if an actual Japanese people would say this or not. And this is important for me who aim to move to Japan and speak in Japanese myself, not just read/listen Japanese media.
Because dictionaries tend to stockpile just everything been said ever from like medieval age, and one can only be sure modern natives say something if one actually heard it from modern native.
So personally, vocab examples with all these 受けとり方, 安らかに眠ってくれ, 圧縮 (referring file compression), etc - are about as much educative, as lessons themselves. Maybe even more.

P.S. not complaining or something, just feel like I want to share thoughts I forgot to write down in my promotion post above

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So I’ve got a guestion… looking at these 105 lessons (72 of which are vocabulary)… if I’ll study 20 per day, can I still squeeze level into 10 days? :thinking:



It would depend entirely on how many kanji lessons you’ve done of this level so far?

Maximum level up speed is around 7 days from doing the first kanji lessons of the level. As you doing any lesson filtering to do the kanji before the vocab for example? (which is advisable only if you’re doing those 20 lessons or so per day so that you still finish all your vocab lessons before level up)


How can I filter lesson to do radicals and kanji before vocab actually? Cuz so far I didn’t find a setting for that.

It’s not a built in feature, more so one of the popular user scripts: [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter

If you’ve not done so yet, I’d recommend reading the Scripts section of jprspereira’s guide, it helped me a lot when it came to considering what scripts could help me with my progress. There’s an awful lot of very useful things people have made, this bit in particular is helpful:


Thanks! I do have most useful scripts from this list, but didn’t notice items filter one.

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If used properly (in such a way that it doesn’t result in your having an ever growing stack of vocab lessons you never touch - and I say this from painful experience) it’s a great way to keep speed up. If you’ve got time for 20 lessons a day, then there’s absolutely no harm in doing your kanji and radical lessons first after levelling up. This is more or less the only way (short of doing ALL your lessons on that first day) of keeping a 7-ish day pace.

I level up, do my kanji and radicals, then do 20 lessons a day, and I (theoretically) end up 0/0 just before next level up. It depends how many lessons are unlocked of course, you might find you get 120 lessons on level up for example. It’s worth remembering that you’ll unlock current level vocab as you Guru the kanji, also, so you may find you need to do 25 rather than 20 for the last three days of a level just to clear those extra ones out.


I’m honestly fine with doing up to 30-35 lessons per day, just… not all of them so yeah, I really needed that script. XD

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I levelled up! Nearly two days longer than my declared pace, but I’m not unhappy.

Just 2 more levels until I break into the next grouping :smiley:

P.S. My gratitude to @Marifly for not naming this thread “A Race …” - this wee durtle would have crumbled under the pressure of such a label, and is instead finding this thread great motivation to keep a good pace while still enjoying the climb!


I like that you said that and I agree; it’s not a race where we’re competing, it’s a climb where we’re helping each other get to the top ^-^


Oh yeah, half way there!

And no @Marifly won’t go onwards and upwards. I’ll go backwards and upwards and there isn’t anything you can do to stop me!


Halfway! Yay! Backwards or forwards or up or down, you’re half way there now!


One more level down, quarter of the way there!


It took me until level 26 to figure out that you can get new vocab using kanji from several levels previous.

IE, I actually read the meaning description in one of the lessons and saw that I guru’d a kanji in level 25, but won’t see (one or more of) the new vocab using solely that kanji until level 27.

This might not be new to everyone, but I never paid attention to the vocab structure of lessons so it’s blowing my mind.


I was making good pace for a long time during the summer but lost some focus because of the new school year. Happy to say that I reorganized my life and I’m back in the climb up the Sky tree! I recently made it to level 13. Lets all continue to do our best!


We missed you, welcome back!

If you leave again you are going to regret it :japanese_goblin:


phew…hah… wait… let me catch my breath first, i just ran up 21 flights of stairs…

awkwardly standing there panting for a few minutes

there, that’s better. so i just got back from a few weeks of bikepacking through sweden and i’m now slowly getting back into the daily grind (i hadn’t skipped a day for about 340 days before i left on holiday) and i saw that i could join you guys on this climb to the top of the skytree so i ran up the stairs to my level. now i’m going to take it slow and steady going up the rest of the stairs (but hopefully get to the top before spring 2022).

good luck everyone! :wink:


Yay! Just keep climbing!

Yes! 頑張りましょう!

:slight_smile: Welcome! Please take a moment to catch your breath before continuing your climb. Looking forward to climbing with you!

Why Sweden? Are you from Sweden or did you travel there?


i’m not from sweden or living in sweden, but i studied in Stockholm for a year 10 years ago (wow i feel old now). i hadn’t been back since, although i had been taking some swedish classes the past few years. and this year i finally made it back there! (or at least to the south of sweden) :smiley: