Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022


I’m starting to think about the fast levels. I’m wondering if the people who did them full speed found that they retained the kanji well? They seem a bit too fast for me, but also being done with WK faster is appealing… :thinking: much to think about.


For me, I’m starting to forget more and my accuracy is going down. I’ve been going at about 7-8 days per level since level 15. With my accuracy though, if I keep that pace up, I’ll regularly be above 200 apprentice. Given that the higher levels have diminishing returns (you’re mostly learning kanji below the top 1000 in frequency), I’ve reasoned that I won’t be getting as much benefit compared to putting the same effort into reading/listening. So to me, 40+ seems like a great opportunity to focus on other forms of study. I’m aiming for 10-12 days per level now. But if your accuracy is great, it might be an option for you to just wrap up WK.


I started hitting my queue a bit recently and I must say that not using so many of these kanji frequently has meant my accuracy is waaaay down after so long of not doing reviews. It’s the items from around that time that seem to be the most troublesome, but surprisingly not all of them.


Just wanted to share i have finally finished N4 on bunpro. With that being said it is still way behind my kanji and way better than my vocabulary.


Nearly 20 days to hit level 20. I feel like I’m starting to slide, lots of stuff cycling back over and over again.

I also thought I’d try playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. Seems fun, but I can barely understand a word of it. I thought a game for children would be easy, but it just makes me realise how far I have to go.

You ever just felt small?


Got to Level 43.
Thanks to Summer reading challenge I’m reading manda with ABBC for 6 days straight, hope to keep up.
After two months of no grammar, I’ve just cleared my stack of 30 bunpro reviews, failed about 60%. Will see how much of these will resurrect or if anohter Genki reset is needed (some people reset WK, I reset Genki over and over again :slight_smile:


For me at least, it has decreased a lot my accuracy:



I hit level 15 last night, but the dozen vocab words from level 14 that mean one of: hope, desire, wish, or heart’s desire will be the end of me.


I remember those disgustin- wonderful words


The only one that is sticking so far is 希望 (hope) since it is one of the DRV3 character’s name (and anyone who has played those games knows that the word hope appears way too often).


another week, another level :wink: the last of the death levels went okay, despite my week being kind of overloaded with other stuff to do. though i didn’t get to do nearly as much reading as i would have liked, just didn’t have enough spoons left over. but a nice thing was that this is was first level where i didn’t have any trailing kanji still waiting to guru. it’s a nice feeling to have it all finished all at the same time ^^

the big thing i changed this level was adding a whole bunch of alternate fonts, both to the browser and on the phone (tsurukame). it adds a new dimension to learning kanji - on the one hand some of them are much more difficult to recognise, but on the other hand they make me think much more about how the kanji are written. in particular with the handwritting fonts, often they seem to be completely illegible at first glance, but when i mentally trace the strokes it comes together. and instead of the kanji being a fixed image, it becomes a much more flexible structure. i find it’s helping a lot with recall, and heading towards hand-writing myself. though immediately after adding the new fonts i spent a lot more time on reviews. :sweat_smile:

anyway, it is late, and i’m sleepy. i hope your reviews are treating you well, and keep on climbing! :smiley:

edit: i just worked out that if i continue these 7-day levels i can reach the hell levels on my birthday… …why does this sound like a bad idea? :smiley:


It is not. Double the fun is it.
I am still in 地獄 hopefully to reach 現実 in my birthday. Or at least 天国
@KyokaJiro how have you been?


Congrats Kuuru san :slightly_smiling_face:

I am doing well. Not much progress on the level but mostly just clearing reviews :slightly_smiling_face: This could be on track to my slowest level with almost 3 weeks and no end in sight.

Hell is truly Hell :joy: Hopefully I can complete this level in the next one week.

While I have the draft points, I need to write a follow up article for “Run with Kanji” (Level 20 post) with a Haikyuu themed “Itadaki no Kesshiki” for my Level 40 post. This will probably be next month :joy:

Slow and steady. As long as I am doing at least one review a day, I am not too worried. It is just a lean phase :slightly_smiling_face:

Mou Ippo Naisu (In Daichi san’s voice - More Haikyuu :stuck_out_tongue:)

How about you?


My slow level; last level kinda payed off. I doing great on the reviews being doing lessons daily (still 100 left lol)


I leveled up to 37 a few days ago, but still haven’t made it through the new lessons to get to the radicals and first set of kanji yet. I have been doing fewer lessons because I’m having to do so much extra work at work recently. But, it’s okay, I still have plenty of time to reach level 60 by our “deadline.”

I’m also leaving for a weeklong trip next Tuesday. I don’t want to do vacation mode, because just hitting pause on the SRS risks me forgetting everything. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on my vacation doing WK, but also, I’ll be at theme parks… so maybe having WK to do while I’m waiting in all those ride queues won’t be bad. I can also stop doing lessons or just do a few each day so the apprentice load is lighter. What have others done with WK on their vacations?


Finally Level 60. Won’t make a post about it because there’s tons of ‘I reached Level 60’ posts out here already, but I’ll just leave Guille’s Theme here because it played in my head the moment I saw Level 60 flash on my WaniKani dashboard. It’s an absolute banger if you’ve never heard it before


congrats on level 60!!!

i hope the cake is worth it! :smiley:


Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Shhh, nobody tell her it took me 6 months to get 2 levels. Atleast I kept up with my grammar!

I blame everything and everyone but myself. :nerd_face: Back on the horse again, onwards to level 60!