Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

welcome to the skytree climbers :smiley:

…add yourself to the first post (if you haven’t done so already) and keep us updated on your progress! ^^


Hello, this is Skytree radio and welcome to Skytree monthly level stats overview. I’m mmm333 and please enjoy our program.

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Last month, we were at a total of 716 group members, but since then of course the number has reached new heights - just as our climbers.
We’re now at a whopping 760 climbers. Our entire station wishes the best to all of the newcomers.

We have received a lot of letters and calls asking the question how a radio station is able to present stats graphs visually when the audience can only listen.

The solution is simple, very simple in fact… But, as I’m right now informed by our lawyer, I’m not permitted to share this secret, so you just have to wait and hear for yourself.

This month’s level distribution is presented by HiClimb* - your climbing gym on Hawaii.

And now we come right to the stats:

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This was Skytree monthly level stats overview, broadcasted to you from the top of Tokyo Skytree. Thank you for tuning in - this is mmm333 and see you next month.

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yay for statistics :smiley: i like a nice data visualisation

myself, i’ve reached level 20, last of the painful levels :wink:

7 days 1 hour, i forgot one of the reviews so i got a little late. not a problem though ^^ this level felt a bit more difficult. nothing major, but the weather changed and my hayfever got stronger, a bit more outside activity (first hike of the season, various appointments), i found it a bit more difficult to concentrate on lessons and stick to schedule. accuracy also suffered a little, but overall still fine. did at one point find myself with 170 apprentice items, but got that back down soon enough. i’m thinking that if things continue like this, i ought to be fine. but of course i’ve still got three weeks until burns start coming in. people say that’s when you start feeling the full load, so i’ll see how that goes.

whether you are scaling the skytree at break-neck speed or, or taking the levels at a more sedate (and sane) rate, as long as we don’t stop we can all make it to the top! 頑張ってください!


It seems that I have reached the Second Observation Deck. Getting 124 lessons at once was… quite a surprise, though.


Oof, it’s been a while.
I was doing pretty well with staying on track, and then college started to get crazy and I found less time to work on WK (and Japanese in general). As such reviews piled up and I got burnt out. I’m trying to start again - I’ve reset to the beginning of level 21 (since I was really struggling with every item after level 20; even the radicals were destroying me) and I’m slowly working through the pile of reviews. It’s highly questionable that I’ll hit level 60 by my original goal, so I may need to tone it back a bit - but I’m gonna keep climbing.


Heya! :wave:

I’ve been away from the forums since I posted my level 60 post a month ago. At that point I was drowning in the reviews that I had neglected a couple weeks prior…

205 lessons and 2093 reviews

I had planned to get through the backlog with a steady pace of 250 reviews a day. And for the next few weeks, I did meet that target for a few days but was fairly inconsistent. This meant my review pile actually increased over that time…

219 lessons and 2134 reviews

But, over the last few days I really gave it my all and finally got down to zero reviews!! :tada:

219 lessons and 0 reviews
Graph of reviews per day

I never thought I would be able to do over 1500 reviews in one day but here I am, eight hours later! I do have over 500 apprentice items so I probably shouldn’t take on new lessons for a few days. But I think I’ve gotten over the worst of it now (surprisingly the “worst of it” happening after I reached level 60). Am very much looking forward to seeing the my daily reviews dwindling over time.

Hope everyone else is doing well with their climbing and post-climbing journeys!


Thanks for stopping by. 1500 reviews in a day, 8 hours straight - WOW! It’s supernatural strength and persistence! I should go back to my pile of 35 reviews before it proliferates


Leveled up to 38 after 28 days and 13 hours🥳
It was easy ride… no one was tired at all

I would like to thank everyone here for your encouragement words✌

What you waiting for…
The climb isn’t over yet😒 do your reviews…


Checking in for level 18 for the second time.

Been super busy the last week having been seconded onto a new team at work, so I managed to have my slowest level since resetting and to mess up my same-day level up streak, alas.

image image


Play Sekiro immediately…

Hot diggity that is impressive.


Life kinda happened once I reached level 20, and now I am completely off-track for May 22, 2022.

But I’m glad I never missed a day of doing lessons or reviews; it’s just that I did only 1 of each everyday to preserve my streak.
Had worked up a pile of 400 reviews, but managed to work through it over the last week. I’m now at 0 reviews and will start level 21 in earnest.
I’ll have to speed up to 9 days per level if I want to make the deadline, and I don’t think I can keep up that pace without burning out (especially now that the kanji are getting quite complicated). But I don’t think I will move the goalpost. Maybe I’ll actually decide to speed up in a while.
Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Congrats Kuuru san :raised_hands:



Small thread derail here but that animation!! Mmmm that’s some smooth animation, just like butter~! Props to the BNHA animators.


Yep and it gets better with each season :slight_smile:

The main/final fight sequences are a massive treat on their own :grin:

Studio Bones for the win :raised_hands:


:cherry_blossom: Level 56 get! :cherry_blossom:

…aaaaand looking at the scores, don’t tell me I’m the next one to promote?

Oh no. Totally feel myself like during my first skydiving experience everybody before me left the plane and now the entire world shrunk down to the scope of just me and the 2km abyss beyond the edge of the exit door, with the rest of group waiting for me to leave.

I used to this place to much. So much used to come here every week. Not sure if I manage to celebrate cake day properly, since immediate after graduating WK, I’d have quite few days to somehow pull up bunpro before JLPT day. Despite my kanji knowledge being quite up to the mark, my grammar is something to be worked on:

Not to mention, I’m still within an interviewing process and besides of WK lessons, I have to focus now on the way to push my professional vocabulary that usually people learn during 4 years in uni into the scale of couple of weeks. Well, at least language school procedures are now settled and with this regard I have nothing more that just wait for border to open for at least few months. So at least one burning problem less.

And I wanted to share so much things and hints to proper JP learning approach I figured within last year. So much to talk about preparation for after-WK life. Wish one day I could write some proper cake-day post!

But for now, may the JLPT not to be cancelled, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: (realized just now it’s literally 1 month till the day)


At last, level 52 after 29 days 10 hours :sweat_smile:
This week was chaotic at work, and probably next week as well. I think I’ll use constant 10-20 lesson per day this time.

LOL few days indeed



I’m starting to think about the fast levels. I’m wondering if the people who did them full speed found that they retained the kanji well? They seem a bit too fast for me, but also being done with WK faster is appealing… :thinking: much to think about.


For me, I’m starting to forget more and my accuracy is going down. I’ve been going at about 7-8 days per level since level 15. With my accuracy though, if I keep that pace up, I’ll regularly be above 200 apprentice. Given that the higher levels have diminishing returns (you’re mostly learning kanji below the top 1000 in frequency), I’ve reasoned that I won’t be getting as much benefit compared to putting the same effort into reading/listening. So to me, 40+ seems like a great opportunity to focus on other forms of study. I’m aiming for 10-12 days per level now. But if your accuracy is great, it might be an option for you to just wrap up WK.


I started hitting my queue a bit recently and I must say that not using so many of these kanji frequently has meant my accuracy is waaaay down after so long of not doing reviews. It’s the items from around that time that seem to be the most troublesome, but surprisingly not all of them.


Just wanted to share i have finally finished N4 on bunpro. With that being said it is still way behind my kanji and way better than my vocabulary.