Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022



Fixed the table for Levels 1-10, there was an empty line that screwed the formatting of the table’s last section.

I just leveled up to Level 31, which means I’m now half way up. The view is breathtaking already! :exploding_head: It’s incredible how far you can get when you just keep doing one step a day. Just gotta keep moving forward, no matter what’s your speed.

I heard the next ten stories are like hell, so let’s see how that goes. :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:


My goal is quite bold, perhaps - I dream to move work in Japan. So now I’m trying to manage my lessons schedule to make it 7 days/level. This way, it should take ~next year Aug/Sep to reach the :cake: from my current 12 lvl.
So, with good odds I hope I could celebrate Skytree anniversary on it’s place, like, literally. Thank you for advicing about it.
Not to mention, I should clear lvl 60 by that time… or so I hope.


Welcome onboard @username21!
What a coincidence to have a company with very similar condition :laughing: same goal working on Japan, same current level, same pace target 7 days/level (I’m grinding my pace from 25 days/level to almost 7 days/level in past 2 months, so I think it’s doable).

Learning new language is year+ project, so it’s good to have motivation and reminder :smiley:


Hi @username21 & @koro-san - nice to meet you.

I am interested - what is it about working in Japan that draws you in?


I’m throwing my name on the list!

I reset from 8 to 1 in late 2019 and got back to 11 by June this year, because I took a seven month unplanned break (without engaging vacation mode), but am still on 13, because I’ve been slacking.

Hopefully seeing my name there will keep me somewhat motivated to do my reviews on time and not let them pile up again, along with keeping my study log up to date.


Hi @RoseEater nice to meet you too ~

For me, its culture. I’ve visited Japan once before, and I’m amazed with the discipline, tidiness, cleanness. I think work abroad from native country also opens a lot of new insight :relaxed:. And I hope I can also take grad school there too one day ~


Nice, that is exactly what got me learning Japanese in the first place.

You have a journey ahead of you, good luck :grin: :+1: (and study hard, unlike me!)


Just got my first burns.

On the other hand, that means my work load is going to be steadily increasing over the next month until I get to the level 5 burns, then stay steadyish until I get my level 13 burns. But then, I will be almost to the fast levels, which will effectively double my workload.


How many reviews each day lately?

So, my stats page says around 180, but it varies by day. The 2 busiest days of the week (where a new chunk of lessons get added to the reviews) tends to be around 350 to 500, while my less busy days are between 20 and 60.

I’m expecting this to become something like 400 to 600 and 40 and 100, respectively.


Ayyyy congrats! :partying_face:

This was me very recently - can confirm it is about to get hectic for two reasons:

  1. The burn items are circling around, and if you are like me this is doubly a problem because you fail many of them, putting them back into Guru to further increase the load.
  2. The vocab at around level 27, at least to me, feels like an increase in difficulty (and has kept that steady pace until level 30 at least (only because I know not what awaits me at 31 and beyond!))

But you got this, I know you do :sunglasses:


It feels to me that 26 had harder vocab items difficulty wise than 27 (so far at least). I mean, 筆 and 故 have been both hard reviews, and lots of the others were still tricky. I think I got only like 60% right on my first review.


Actually, this might be my most hated kanji so far!

Maybe I should have said “from level 26” instead, then :joy:

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Yeah it’s terrible. All of the compounds are terrible as well.

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Just made it to level 20, 1/3 off the way to the top! :crabigator: :tada: Took a little longer than I meant to on this level and I might have to slow down a bit now that my school semester has stared, but hopefully I can keep up a good pace.


Yay! Congrats! Next goal: The first observation deck at level 35. Onwards and upwards!


I’m on level 10, almost 1/6 off the way to the top.
Averaging a level in 10-11 days I hope to reach level 60 by the beginning of 2022.


You’re in the right place here in this thread then :wink:


I just did these levels so maybe it’s just because it’s fresh. I do my own mnemonics and the one for 故 is:

Be careful, OLD man WINTER can easily changed a KID’s (子) circumstances.

Maybe that’ll help you. I imagine old man winter’s gonna mess you up if you give him a reason so watch out, kid.