Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

I finally reached level 6!
I got really really stuck on level 5 (22 days :confused: ), because I was a little overwhelmed with my bachelor thesis and messed up my reviews way too often. But I grinded every day since January and will continue to grind.

We can do it people, I might not reach my wish level until the deadline but I will continue grinding no matter what. Let’s git gud!


I’m at level 12! Took a little longer cause I was struggling with some kanji but I still have some leeway to make it to the top by May 22.


With my Apprentice reviews down to 45, and my guru reviews down to 496, I’m finally below the recommended “100/500” number for like the first ever time since a single digit level. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kuuru san :slight_smile:

of course. There will always be a seat.

Moving at regular pace is the best. Now, I need to go and tackle the 100+ lessons I have been putting off since 2 days :joy:

Congrats on your level ups :slight_smile:

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Made it to level 11 this morning! Bring on the pain.




Nice! Not surprising that you are nailing it.

Right now I am 562 apprentice and 667 Guru and loving it :joy:

I’m spending less time on WK a week than I was a day and only doing reviews from the top down! So all the failures are piling up for another time, and my attitude is “so be it”. Feels good!

But in other news my study schedule is going great so far. iTalki sessions and reading ペンギンハイウェイ are things I am finally able to look forward to thanks to getting this kanji behind me (for the most part!).


This! Is! Anxiety! Inducing! :frowning:
How many reviews were you doing a day during those last couple of levels before hitting 60?!

I’m sitting at a far more comfortable A: 47 / G: 509 right now; just need to get rid of those 9 and I can pick up lessons again.


Noooo, don’t let that happen. I wish I could show you how happy I am right now. Last year was all about “do what you like as long as you do your reviews”, this year is “stick to the plan, be consistent”. Regular exercise and stoicism podcasts (English language) are probably a big factor for happiness level.

So, WaniKani has now shifted low in the priority list for me, I only think about it when my calendar tells me to. So far, so good as reading is concerned. Even if the first 10 pages of Penguin Highway had like 141 new vocab words lol (we know, because @VictorLino checked!)

I can’t remember, I think it was around 600 on average? But this would have not been the case if I’d have gone slower, I’m certain. It can also be hard to tell when so many are apprentice that I can fail at the start of a session then fail/pass later on in the same session because I was doing reviews so long that items came back into the queue!

You’ve got it :sunglasses:


This is fair, I think because WK is just one of a multitude of things I cover in my studying the thought of having to do 600 reviews a day is traumatising haha. I’m someone who needs the overlap of multiple sources to build on each other for reinforcement though so I have to be pretty structured. I know my brain wouldn’t retain anything if I was trying to get to 60 before I really focussed on anything else - wish it was capable of that!

Lessons resuming tomorrow. :v:t2:


Right now I only need to do a few hours of WK a week, so I’m getting close to your time spent! :smiley:


Yeah exactly this. I did very little studying outside of WK and anime definitely didn’t count! I did some studying before starting WK so I wasn’t totally vanilla (that would be nuts IMO) but I would ideally have done this the way you are doing it tbh :grin: definitely the best way.

That’s awesome, dude! I’ll be right there with you on numbers in a few years, haha.


32/34 kanji passed o-o I’m almost 1/6 of the way through WK… that’s crazy to think about.


Level 14. 8 days 17 hours.


I made it to level 6 :tada:!!


I just joined now :slight_smile: I am in time to reach level 60 with the Luminaries, but I wanted to join this community to :smiley:




11 days for level 14, even though work this week has kept me so busy, I haven’t been able to do my reviews anywhere near as much as I normally do.

I had about 40 lessons to do before, now it’s over 100. This will take some time.


Haven’t been on this thread for a week or so and it’s soooo encouraging to come back and see everyone’s progress! Especially success stories like @betsumei bringing it back :clap:

You all make this journey so much better :heart: I loving basking in your successes!!

I think you’re going a little faster than me @Aleithian but I am adopting you as a rival due to our matching levels :joy:

Thinking of you @Marifly! How’s that Guru count going?


First post on the forums, just wanted to commemorate for myself that I hit level 60 yesterday. I don’t really know that I can properly express what WK has meant for me. I’ve gone from only being able to give my mom broken bits of phrases to texting her exclusively in our native language and speaking with family understandably. My grammar still sucks but that’s the next goal! Hopefully it’s not nearly as long it took my on WK though, I think I took 4 years.

EDIT: So the icon reads 59…does that flag not get set until I actually DO a lesson for the level?