Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

I use flaming durtles. Earlier they were locked( I’ve heard) now it’s free. You can access any level, and it’s other attributes. In case they lock it in future, and in case you aren’t using a premium, then don’t sync to wanikani. Also, in tofugu, they’ve written, that , even though level 4 onwards is paid, they let us use the contents. :clinking_glasses:

Oh, I see. Thanks. Good luck with your insane quest :smiley:

Thanks maccha!:muscle:

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Level 6. i need to get past those low levels ASAP.


I might be a high level already, but I have been 42 since May, was level 30 around February of last year :wink:
I have no plans on even starting the next level at least a month or two from now, maybe even later.
I am working on my burns. Nearing 25%, want 50% or close to at least before continuing =P


Welcome! Glad you’re here!

Your goal could be to make it to the second observation platform (level 45) by the end of the year? Or just hang out on level 42. You’ll get there when you get there!


Honestly, 42 is the level to stop on. How does it feel to have the answer?


My goal is to stay here until ready, and see what speed I’ll go when I get there. Could finish fast, could end up doing a level a month, who knows :rofl:
I used to push 7 day levels, and find that too much gets forgotten that way. So I’ll probably go slow and steady. But I might get hooked and try just push the levels out to “chill on the top” =P (I’ll try to resists that urge)

My only focus right now is to keep up with reviews =)


I didn’t stop on this level by chance :wink:
It is the best place to be! <3


First level-up since joining the climb! Woop woop!

Lvl 7 and counting!


Hi everyone, I hope you don’t mind but I reordered some people based on the current level column so we can see people climbing :slight_smile:

(There was no rule about that in the OP, but it does make it easier to follow everyone’s progress!)


Whenever I level up, I usually do some cleaning up as well. So I don’t think anyone minds, as you’re essentially doing their work.


Yay! Keep swimming!

That’s great! Thank you!



Thank you!! I can’t believe how much I actually enjoy doing my WK reviews everyday and noticing the progress, haha!


Yay! Congrats!

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I’m befuddled - I’m only lvl 25 and have more than 26% burned.

I know I’m slow, but you’ve also been around for a while :thinking:

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I had a big mental burn out last year (due to my fatigue and pushing too hard), so took almost a year of. When starting again, rather than reseting my level for a third time I unburned everything :wink:
I started unburning in November, finished in May. So had Zero burns in May =P (Finished just before the first enlightened reviews returned :wink: )
My reviews of the old unburns are coming back as Enlightened now, will be done with them in about a month (well, burn what I can, the fails will bonce down to Guru)

Not sure if they did something too, but others have similarly low around my level:

Tip, also lvl 42, 36% burned

My current:

Burns are coming :wink:

Last big one comes in mid September. They get more scarce after that.


That’ll do it!

As others have written, great level number to pause on!


3.5 years, 2 resets (lvl 19 and 42) and a big burnout where I “soft reset” with un-burns :rofl:
Now I’m starting to get a hand on things, will make it this time! :wink:

I’m also a good example why going too fast is bad :wink: