Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Thanks for answering! I thought that you misunderstood me and that’s why I dropped the subject, but it’s cool you came back to it. It was very interesting to read your examples, and congratulations on getting to level 20 in that short amount of time! That’s seriously impressive! I know I wouldn’t have the self discipline to be able to go at that pace and do so much self work. That’s why I’m paying WK to do that work for me and to see a little number suggesting my progress. Another things is that - even though I’d have the time right now to write my own mnemonics - I’m pretty sure I’d burn out very quickly. But I’m glad you’re seeing it through and I wish you all the best to make it to the end!

PS: That’s probably just a typo, but 羊 is read よう and not ゆう.


Joining the climbing!


Thank you for giving it a read. You can obviously rely on wanikani; I’m rushing because I’d want to jump soon into the main stuff. Sometimes I wish I had begun much earlier, because my studies and other things interfere now. Nevertheless, I’m trying, いや、I actually will be done with all levels by December. It does need discipline, but a little time management can do the trick. And you can do it to. Thanks for the wishes and best of luck to you as well :muscle:. I do need some wishes, especially when I’m trying to do the impossible lol.

P.S Yes you are right. That was a sheepishly made mistake :sheep:.:man_facepalming:t2:

Thanksよ(う)for the correction. That was a sheepishly made mistake.


Is there any thread for completing level 60 to spring 2021?? Because this is exactly what I aim for and this is completely possible with my schedule, as long as I don’t slip up but I still have some spare subscription so it’s still possible

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Why not create your own? Alternatively I think the Olympians moved there goal according to the real olympics, so that might come close to spring 2021.

Yes, there is! Luminaries.

Goal: May 26, 2021

The next total lunar eclipse will be on May 26th 2021. Let’s set level or burn goals to reach by then!


Some very dark numbers there, was that just coincidence??

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Hey! Great progress, congrats! But I have a silly question, how did you gain 10 levels on WK in such a short time? What happened to the SRS?

Interesting how Malayalam has ‘erivu’ for ‘spicy’.

I’ve joined along for the climb! Let’s do this!


Yess! Welcome!

They aren’t doing WK the WK-way; they are just using their database and going through (only) the Kanji by themselves. That way they are creating their own mnemonics and can determine their own pace. They once posted about it and I showed interested, so we had a little conversation - if you click on the icons in the upper right corner of our comments, you can backtrack our conversation.

Thanks for answering! Yes, I had read through the conversation, but I was confused at how it’s possible to learn the kanji and vocab if they’re locked (unless one uses a different resource to get the meaning and reading, of course).

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Level 15, 1/4 of the way to 60! Onwards and upwards!


I’ve made it to level 10! Let’s all continue to do our best!!


I use flaming durtles. Earlier they were locked( I’ve heard) now it’s free. You can access any level, and it’s other attributes. In case they lock it in future, and in case you aren’t using a premium, then don’t sync to wanikani. Also, in tofugu, they’ve written, that , even though level 4 onwards is paid, they let us use the contents. :clinking_glasses:

Oh, I see. Thanks. Good luck with your insane quest :smiley:

Thanks maccha!:muscle:

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Level 6. i need to get past those low levels ASAP.


I might be a high level already, but I have been 42 since May, was level 30 around February of last year :wink:
I have no plans on even starting the next level at least a month or two from now, maybe even later.
I am working on my burns. Nearing 25%, want 50% or close to at least before continuing =P