Let's celebrate digging out of review holes!

I just hit 0 reviews after three weeks of digging myself out of an 2,100 review pile from 9 months of not studying (new mom)! I can’t believe this day is finally here! The biggest review hole I’d dug myself out of before this was 800.

What helped me:

  1. Because it’d been SO long since I studied I went back to the last level where I hadn’t burned a radical. That meant going back three levels & dropping about 300 reviews. I figure I haven’t learned those ones as well anyway even before I took a break so I might as well go back through the lessons.
  2. Used the WaniKani Reviews by ID-ish script to order kanji & radicals to the front. Review those first & then kick but on the vocab later with all those fresh kanji.
  3. Daily practice!

What’s the biggest review hole you dug yourself out of? What helped you dig yourself out?


Congratulations on acquiring a new parent! (冗談!赤ちゃんが生まれておめでとうございます!)

Good work on getting those reviews back down. My biggest backlog was about 300. Mostly because of slight WK burnout/low motivation.


I don’t remember.

@plantron 先輩 advices. @MissMisc memories. And others.


congrats!!! on being a mamma and digging yourself out of the review pile up, 2000+ would scare me!:fearful:

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Just now dug myself out of a pile up, resisted going back levels (did that on a previous occasion and was keen to avoid doing that again) but shifting those 500+ reviews and 90+ lessons took quite a while and I had forgotten so many!! It was so good to get back to Zero​:grin:.:tada:
Now off to tackle my Kaniwani pile up😕…

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About 2800



Oh. Not so fast. Working on it.

Actually, I decided to not tackle the reviews just yet, but to use the Self-Study script one level at a time from 1 to my current unlocked level. I first just started doing reviews, but some of the kanji I just plain forgot, and some of those were earlier ones. I like WK’s building-block system, so I’m doing that again.

The good news is even with working, life, etc., I do still remember enough to be getting about one level a day to > 95% accuracy, which is much faster than doing a reset would be. I’m conservatively estimating about a month, I’ll be back to zero reviews, actually remembering them up to my current level (not just failing, failing, failing), and ready to start the new lessons in my queue.


Congratulations on the birth of your little bubba @dnnkay855!! Hope both bub and you are doing well and getting some sleep.

Double congratulations on getting yourself back on top of all your reviews after being presented with such a huge challenge. When I had my little one, I found myself in a similar situation, but was too overwhelmed and just reset myself back to level one and started again. I couldn’t imagine ploughing through, as you have. Kudos.

Welcome back to WK!!

Since I’m so low level really the worst number of reviews I get is in the hundreds, so I just wanted to post how impressed I am by all of you. 10/10 ya’ll should be proud of your dedication. Also congrats on the baby!


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