Let that be a lesson to me

Seems like putting this off for a few hours was a pretty bad idea… I’m now imagining what this would have looked like if I was at a later level :sweat_smile:


Some people chunk their lessons to avoid big reviews. Like only doing 10 at a time before reviews.

This may seem bad or difficult now, but I think that’s mostly because you’ve just started so all of these were apprentice levels before. As you progress, you’ll have seen more and more of the kanji and vocab more times than before. You’ll know them better already and 60 reviews won’t seem so bad because like half of it will be old material from previous levels. :slight_smile:


looks at upcoming review pile of 153 items Uh, yeah, what a bad idea :sweat_smile:

But in all seriousness, way to go! That’s a pretty good accuracy percentage, so you’re obviously understanding most of it. Keep up the good work!


I honestly see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. My reviews have looked very similar for quite a while. I’m not the fastest, admittedly, but I’m progressing at a decent, manageable pace. So, I have to ask: What exactly did you think was wrong here?


You did sixty reviews. You pulled off 87% accuracy.

I would say instead of bad idea… GOOD JOB!

That is a high accuracy level all things considered and nothing to sneeze at. :wink:

By level 5 I found a process that worked for me and routinely do 40-80 reviews in a sitting. But that’s me and what I am comfortable with.

Find what works for you, what is comfortable but not TOO comfortable so that you learn but also stick with it.


And to think I’m super happy whenever I achieve 87 % :joy:


I second everything written above. Also there seems to be this phenomenon that the apprentice and guru counts will naturally and slowly increase to a point where you’ll have to sometimes stop doing lessons for a couple weeks, to bring the review amount back down to a manageable number. It happened to me once already (I was looking at 160+ apprentice and 500+ guru at the time).


Oh, my sweet summer child…


The reviews right after a big batch of new lessons tend to be the worst! You’ll have a lot of items and maybe they aren’t quite in your memory yet since you’ve just learned them. But as others have said, 87% is a good score and most of your items have been promoted to a lower frequency.

Chunking lessons like @CDR-Strawberry mentioned is a good idea, as well as looking at your upcoming review timeline on your dashboard. If you see a couple big waves of reviews coming in— say, at 11 AM and then again at 4 PM— you might want to try to do a review session in between to divide them up instead of dealing with them all at once. Good luck!


I guess I wasn’t all that clear… I was talking about how many lessons I’ve allowed to pile up, and, looking to the future, realizing this is not a habit I want to be picking up.

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Later it becomes even less controlable and you will be hit with the waves of such a size and even bigger ones depending on your leveling speed.
This is my forecast for Monday (it is Tuesday now) so don’t look at those funny 1k numbers.
+48 at a time doesn’t feel great.


Do you mean reviews? We can’t see how many lessons you have left from the screenshot. But 60 reviews is like 1/4 of the daily workload later :upside_down_face:.

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To be fair, at level 43, I kinda expected those numbers to be a bit bigger :sweat_smile: though I guess if I put reviews off the way I did yesterday, it certainly would have been a lot worse. 103 reviews certainly sounds like a lot more than the 60 I found myself with.

Oh, whoops, yeah, I meant reviews.

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This may seem off-topic but stop naming yourself like your bookmark - picking my intereset - visiting your site and reading stories about stuff that makes me sad :neutral_face:
(The naming thing was sarcastic of course)

I will keep that story in mind whenever my dog plays with his brother (who lives beneath us and always wears a collar).

Anyway, good luck on your WK journey^^

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Oh… wasn’t expecting that…

But yeah, that’s definitely something more people need to know about. Although I guess that’s a subject for the campfire, eh?

But yeah, this WK journey will certainly be one. With other practice (such as BunPro for Grammar), I’m personally hoping I can at least hold a conversation in Japanese by the time I’m finished with WaniKani (Might sign up for something like HelloTalk once I’m at around level 50 or something like that).

Don’t know how realistic that goal is, but for now I’m pretty happy that I’m already recognizing some kanji watching VTubers play video games, even if I still don’t know how they fit in to some sentences and contexts.


I think you may find, if you do WK and something like BunPro or follow a textbook or Tae Kim, you may be ready for a short Hello Talk session by 25-30.

Obviously do what is comfortable and works for you but depending on how well you stick to it all, you may selling yourself a little short if you wait that long.


Will certainly keep that in mind. Whatever happens, I’m hoping to have fun with this.

Still kinda bummed about the whole Textfugu and EtoEto situation (that is, the fact that Tofogu isnt’t even working on them anymore), though.

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Yeah, after reading about the Textfugu I got excited. Tried to sign up…nope. Found EtoEto was being mentioned… dug deeper and…nope.

They say they are working on SOMETHING. I hope it’s awesome and comes before long.

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