Lessons "Need more time button" : What does it do exactly?

I add this topic because I couldn’t find the exact answer anywhere in the forums, so that people can find it here or google.

Really, what does it do?

Sometimes I just go to lessons to see what type of stuff is coming next. sometimes I just don’t like some of them, I want to skip some new items (new kanjis or specific words) for now… but I can’t really skip anything here… if you move over them, they are added… are they?

The need more time thing just means you can look over the items again instead of going into the quiz. If you want to reorder your lesson items, there’s a userscript for that.

But why not just try it to see what it does? I’m pretty sure Tofugu wouldn’t secretly make it install a virus, or would they :thinking:

I just want to NOT have the level 3 items, for example, when I’m level 2. I don’t want to mix new stuff with old stuff. Specially new kanjis and radicals.

I’m not sure what you mean. You can’t have level 3 items when you are level 2.

Plus, the default always puts older items (lower level items) first.

It doesn’t really tell you when you start items from the next level.

Doesn’t it mix items from the current level and the next if those are the last ones?
How do I know when I finished the items for a level and start a new one? I want the lesson to stop there.

You mean if there are 4 items left for level 2, and you have set your default lessons to 5, it will also include the first radical from level 3? I mean… you can change your level batches to some extent (between 3 and 10), but I don’t really see why it’s that big of a deal.

Generally when you have a string of vocab followed by radicals, that’s going to be the break in the levels, but you’ve already unlocked everything, so as far as WK is concerned you are never presented with anything you can’t handle.

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Yep. I just saw it finishing level 2. Nice! But there’s no way to say : I don’t want to add this to the review list. Please, skip this one… or stop here where I leave it… But I can’t add the ones before because I have to finish the lesson.

Meh… I don’t like how the lessons feature is done, really. They should show the next items you will learn in oreder. I don’t like reorganizing, but they should let you choose how many you want to learn, select them, or select until WHERE you want to do.

Everytime I go into lessons page… I’m afraid I’ll find items I still don’t want to add. They don’t let you look at them without adding them, doesn’t it? Because I tried once, I advanced a couple of items, then went out, and those items appeared in my reviews list!

Maybe I just don’t understand the concept of not wanting to do the lesson for an item. I always did all my lessons the when they became available, except for later on when I spread out the vocab a bit.

When you say “not do a lesson” you just mean “right now” right? You do want to do them eventually?

But in any case it’s not some kind of mystery how items go from lesson to review. You get them right in the quiz and they go to reviews.

I don’t see the big deal with it either. Just set your lesson size to 3 if it matters that much to you and do all the lessons until the radicals start. This way you have at most 2 radicals of the new level with the vocab of your previous level.

You should use the reorder script. Search for ultimate reorder and you’ll find it. Note that the script you need to install is not in OP, but later in the thread

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