Lessons can get annoying... (Doing and undoing them)

And I’m not talking about the buildup, that’s just a part of WaniKani.

The annoying thing is, that after you’ve completed your “lessons for the day”, then before you get to hit the home button, you accidentally press “Back”. If you do, your browser brings you back to your previously visited page. As a side effect, however, it makes it so that you have to re-do all those Lessons. Sure, you could press “Home” every time you did the ending quiz, but that’d be a bit tedious. So, how about a feature that would save your completed Lessons every time you finished a quiz? :wink:


I don’t really understand. If you finished the lesson quiz, hitting the back button won’t make you redo the lessons. Is that what you’re saying happened or am I misunderstanding?


I’m confused. Doesn’t it already do that? I’m pretty sure this has never happened to me before, so I’m assuming what you’re experiencing is a bug, but redoing your lessons shouldn’t be that terrible, considering most of the time is spent on looking at the meanings and readings and trying to memorize them. You can just skip that step and head right to the 5 reviews, which is not a lot and would even further reinforce your memory. Or after every 5 lessons you could just head to home first and click again for the next batch, which is just one additional click.


I tried to replicate this by doing my lessons (3 items), then after I answered the last item correctly, I pressed Backspace. Before the session, I had 19 lessons waiting. Afterwards, I had 16. So the lessons I just did was saved.

There is no need to press Home or Backspace or any other button. Just use Enter to move forward until the end.


Normally, “Which UserScripts did you installed?” will need to be asked.

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Hi all, I’m not talking about the Backspace button, or the < button, or the B button, or any of that. Here’s a “sample video”. (I accidentally did 8 lessons while trying to record this. It was SO ANNOYING.) So instead, I’ll just tell you how! So first, do your Lessons. Then, get to the quiz and don’t complete it. Then, press this Back button at the top of your browser window.
Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 5.12.59 PM
Voila! You just wasted all those Lessons. And, if you do 20 in the same session, then press this button while in the quiz, none of these 20 lessons count, unless you press “Home” in between.

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Is it possible that it is just loading the cached version of the page?
If you just hit refresh on the page after you hit the “previous page” button does it change?
does it recognise them as completed if you just close that tab/page and reload WaniKani?

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Your instructions are all over the place. First you said this happens when you finish a quiz. Then you say start the quiz but don’t complete it. Which one is it?

What I am trying to say here is that: The second quoted instruction is correct. The first one is saying that if there were to be a feature that saved your completed Lessons every time you finished a quiz, that would be great!

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