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So you are saying that out of a total of 106 vocab in level 19, you popped almost 70 of them all at the same time exactly when you leveled up? There are 34 kanji in level 19 and you guru’d 8 of them at the same time to level up and popped almost 70 level 19 vocab that you are required to do prior to the level 20 radicals? Something just doesn’t seem right there.

You also said you are doing 20 lessons per day give or take. That suggests that you are not doing all of your vocab lessons as they come up.


You were implying that I skipped vocab entirely. That isn’t the case. I do my vocab lessons as available, up to 20-30 per day. Like most people, I can only learn so many new things a day. I keep my lessons per day at this rate most of the time, though I do occasionally do more if my apprentice numbers are lower.

The vocab lessons I unlocked were a result of the level 19 kanji I guru’d plus a couple of stray kanji from earlier levels that hadn’t hit guru yet. (Which is always possible because you only need 90% at guru to level up.) But the way this is set up now, you basically don’t level up when it says you do, because you can’t do new level items until you get through the lessons from the vocab you unlocked when you leveled up.

It’s also worth noting that you and I have progressed at very similar paces, so maybe don’t act like I’m slacking off here. K thanks.


Great news!


Sorry. Didn’t mean to imply slacking, which you certainly aren’t.

I still believe that if we do our lessons fairly promptly [and maybe miss a few kanji along the way as I do], things will balance out and the volume of previous level vocab unlocking upon 90% guru mark will be low. As we’ve had different experiences in our first level up since the changes, I’m curious to see what happens in our next few.


I tried that too (see my edit above). I cycled “randomly” through a very small pile, rather than from all 50 lessons I have available, it was more like it was cycling through 12.


No, sadly it is not that precise. It cannot do that.

@anji a level 7, 11, 12, and 15 vocab item was added about two weeks ago. It’s possible you did some of those randomly before.

Lessons are still ordered (but now with old and new options)

I did reorder scripts once, and I’m not proud of it… Stay in school, kids


What is that supposed to be?


Oh it’s a joke ppl like to do. When someone like assumes something, but then they turn out to be wrong you say they’re salty. Like if you’re in a Pokemon battle and you think your Pokemon can take a two hit k.o so you leave him but he actually dies in a one hit k.o then you’re salty, stuff like that. So I dunno you were just like yeah this so good for leveling up faster and stuff, but then it turned out to be the opposite for you, I just found it a bit amusing and wanted to tease a little.


It wouldn’t have mattered to me, as I said later in the topic, because of timing coincidences. Although it has since been made moot.

Just figured I’d ask what you meant, because the only time I’ve ever heard “salty” is when some racist or bigot is calling people who aren’t racists or bigots that.


Really? Well then I understand the confusion, my apologies. But no, I’ve seen people use it for pretty much everything really.


I thought you were using it to say he was unlucky… Because spilling salt (superstitiously) is unlucky… and then you’re supposed to toss some over your shoulder.

That’s a weird usage you have for it (citing 1 hit KOs in Pokémon, of all things. XD)

More commonly, I’m used to the following meaning of salty:

tasting of or containing salt; saline.
piquant; sharp; witty.
racy or coarse:
ie: salty humor.
of the sea, sailing, or life at sea.

I generally think of it (when referring to people) as a combo of meanings 2 and 3. (Course and witty.) Anywho… that’s just me and semantics for ya. Talking about words on a website about learning Japanese words…


Yeah, it has taken on a life of its on as a favorite of youtube commenters.


Let’s see, even growing up my cousins and I have always used it. Like, lets say we were arguing over a song lyric, and found out the correct words the wrong person would be salty. Or if maybe I thought the ice cream truck was outside and I ran out and he wasn’t there i’d be salty. Or even I thought he was going to stop for me, but he just kept going. Salty. We’d do things like wipe each others shoulders, and say, ’ O sorry you had some salt there," or ’ Let me wipe that the salt off your shoulder. " It was really funny, I’d always get really mad when they did that to me. XD


*snorts* Huh! That’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing. For the first bit of your personal anecdotes, I was thinking “you’re acting salty”… like in the definition, but then you finished it off the way you did. Hmm… Most interesting indeed.

Thanks. : D


Thank you for letting us have the by level and then shuffled option! I was daunted by the prospect of having ALL the kanji at the same time. Having the vocab shuffled in helps reinforce the readings and keep me from being overwhelmed.


For some reason it only lets me order them starting with vocab first rather than radicals. Is there a fix for this?


You have vocabulary before radicals because those vocabulary level are less than the radicals.

See the below for additional sorting options


It’s a shortening of “salty tears”. I remember hearing it a lot in fighting games years ago, usually used mock somebody (or oneself).