Legal number Kanji in bank notes and coins

Google and I found this:




But, what are the real current ones on real bank notes and coins?


Thanks. So odd kanji here are number 1, 2 and 10. Now, I am curious about coins too.

The alternate kanji are used on checks and the like to prevent alterations. It is easy to change 一 or 二 to 三, to change 十 to 廿, and so on. 壱 on the other hand is not easy to change to 弐 or 参. 弐拾 is distinct as well.

Note that the horizontal stroke in spoon of 壱 is 一, the two lower strokes in 弐 are 二, the three lower strokes in 参 are 三, and the left side of 拾 has 十. Each of the alternates contains the kanji they are replacing, but none of them are easily altered to anything else.

Generally these are for handwritten documents while coins and bills today typically use the usual kanji and/or arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.).


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