Leeches + Chromecast = iiidea

Hey team
I have 0 dev skills, hardly any Japanese skills, and now that I think about it not many skills at all.
Would it somehow be possible to get a list of leeches and be able to stick it on a Chromecast-ed TV? Whether it’s through the Chromecasts background feature that uses albums from Google Photos or some other API that could do it?
Is there an IFTTT link that could grab an automatically updated file of leeches, turn it into a photo, stick it in a Google photos album that is then beamed onto my Chromecast background?!

If I was smart enough / had more time then I would check into this. But if one of you clever minds has any ideas, lemme know if this would work!


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You could reference this thread I made:

Find a way to turn it into a video and cast it

oh nice
if I could somehow get my leeches on there, or even just my apprentice and gurus then that would be dope. I wonder if I could chromecast them!
will do some tinkering later hopefully!

Or, alternatively, @tphat624, put all the individual pictures in a folder in Google Photos, and make them shareable to Chromecast. On your Chromecast settings you can choose what folders of pictures to cycle through!

: D

Was hoping on finding an automatic way to do it so it could update. I feel too lazy after my reviews to bother with much more lol,