Leech Art 🤺

This is a place to dump enhanced mnemonics for leech items in the form of art (stories, poetry, drawings, etc).

Link to leeches: https://wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com/leeches


I always confuse 仏僧 and 仏像. I had the individual kanji down, but somehow the combinations started confusing me. Here is the opening to a very dramatic play.

PRIEST (to the sound of drums): I am the fierce leader of the masked priests! I will lead my people to war to defend this sacred statue!
STATUE: All I want is to is to sit in peace, surrounded by my sweet adoring piglets. But what is this racket? I must lead my piglets on a silent adventure to discover the source of these drums.
(swooshing sound, drums stop)
PRIEST: What is this? Oh no! The drumstick is not merely a drumstick but also a sword that has cut through my mask! Not only did the fright give me っ hiccups, but now I also have to そう my mask again! My life really sucks!
STATUE: Ah, quiet at last! Now I can do what I do best, ぞうne out with a gentle look on my face. How wonderful my life is!

Luckily for the world these visuals seem to be doing the job so I don’t need to continue this amazing story…


I finally got 仏像 correct in the latest review, so I’ll just keep going with these…

Nearly a year since unlock, and I still confuse and . Speaking and listening are just too similar.

Let’s try a lame limerick.

There once was a man most discerning
Sang poetry and spoke of his yearning
To work and pay tax
Now he’s cleaning earwax
And plenty of money he’s earning


This is fabulous! :joy_cat:
If I get stuck in higher levels, I’m totally commissioning you to create verbal artworks for my benefit!

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Apparently I’m the only one that finds this thread useful, but that won’t stop me from posting in it…

Time to completely embarrass myself, both by showing my mad drawing skillz and by admitting that I still confuse 交じる and 交わる.

Well, here it comes…


Time to tackle the readings for 争う vs 競う. I’m lazy and busy, so two simple rhymes will have to suffice.

Two brothers stand and kiss
A lovely little miss.
Later on they’ll compete
Who’ll be first to see her feet.

Wolverine with his barbs
Arrests you for eating carbs[1].
You argue - that’s not nice
It was only some brown rice!

[1] http://thewolverinediet.com/diet/


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