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Hi everyone!
Immersion it’s been a recurrent topic in my head regarding how to keep japanese a sustainable habit.
Watching shows and reading are my pillars these days, but I’m thinking that variety it’s a must.
So, looking back on how I learnt english… it’s true reading and shows were key, but I also have spended thousands of hours in learning websites and learning forums in english… and that has been the perfect mix of wanting to learn a new skill and gaining confidence and practice in the language.

So yesterday I asked about forums… I’m still searching for those, but probably before than that I would like to find places for learning in japanese, like udemy, coursera, lynda.com, etc…

So, for movies, I’m currently re-watching the movies that I know almost by heart but with japanese dubs, and it has been a good move so far. The same I would like to do with topics I’m quite familiar with, watch some online course about it… so I can gain vocab in the fields I’m already interest in… maybe before moving to forums and dare to participate in those…

Anyone has found something among those lines?? Even a youtube channel could do?


I’m not sure if this is really what you’re looking for, but I really like happylilac.net. It’s a well-organized website with tons of free resources for Japanese children from preschool through junior high in all different school subjects.

Just a few examples:
cards with information about historical figures

5th grade science worksheets

kanji usage drills (grades 1-6)

all about reading music in Japanese


thanks! It’s not quite what I’m looking for, though I might look for the one related to music.

I’m searching more for website aimed at adults learning hobbies or new skills.
For example, I play harmonica (strangely enough :sweat_smile:)… and I’ve started watching a youtube channel from a guy that teaches harmonica in japanese, so while I don’t care much for the actual learning (as is a beginners series) I’m getting to learn the japanese vocab for something I’m quite familiar with… as well as hearing the explanations about techniques and learn how do they explain it in japanese (verb usage, etc…)

Great thing is that I can sentence mine youtube subtitles too :star_struck:

Anyway, it’s great to see a beginner lesson on a related topic, as is where the specific terms are explained in layman’s phrasing

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This is so cool! I’m doing a worksheet on spatial reasoning/geometry. Feels good to review vocabulary without seeing the kanji, while also trying to figure out an interesting problem. But I’m also despairing at how bad the quality of my own second grade classwork was :joy:

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