Learning Vocab And Working On Other Japanese Skills

First off, welcome! You sound like you’re really invigorated to get back into Japanese, and that’s great!

Nope! (to the first part) The SRS of these tools are meant to eliminate the need for flashcards! Of course, if you just love making flashcards, no one is stopping you, but there really isn’t any need! If you’re doing KaniWani in parallel with WaniKani, this will really help strengthen the stuff you learn here as well!

You may want to take a look at an app called Anki. It’s definitely less user friendly than Memrise, but it’s a very powerful vocab learning tool if you can get into it. It’s kind of like flashcards, but you can download pre-created decks other people have made (many of which contain many thousands of words). However, earlier on you shouldn’t feel too obliged to go jumping into this, unless you just love knowing as many words as possible.

Aside from that, with memrise I’d recommend turning off the auto marking and multiple choice (maybe? I’m not sure if you can, I don’t remember) questions. The tougher you’re tested, the better you’ll remember.

For other resources, check out this thread:

I’m going to assume writing kana is no problem here. Writing is pretty decisive among people. Generally in modern Japan, it’s quite useless. However as an aid to your learning (and as a hobby), it can be amazing. If you want to be able to write kanji, then it’s very beneficial starting early on. By the time you get to more complicated kanji with a bunch of radicals, you’re going to find it tough remembering each little bit (unless your mnemonic game is on point), so getting a lot of writing practice with each kanji can be a huge help in remembering them.


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