Learning vocab and grammar?

I don’t like textbooks, but I do understand grammar somewhat. I’m using Kamesame to supplement vocab and joined the Absolute Beginners Book Club. I’m also watching Japanese Ammo with Misa on YouTube for grammar tips. Am I doing okay?


All you need really is:

  1. Some sort of kanji study.
  2. Vocab SRS.
  3. Grammar
  4. Immersion.

Kanji you got WK.
Vocab, you got anki and kitsun (10k vocab decks, sentences are decent).
Grammar, just check up all the grammar points, starting in JLPT order is usually the easiest. Wouldn’t stress it too much, just be aware of them and know what they mean and quickly move on to the other grammar points. Immersion will sort through everything eventually and you’ll truly understand the grammar points.
Immersion, self explainatory. The more, the better.

sounds like you’re doing good!

If you want more active practice, I recommend keeping a journal in Japanese, writing a few sentences a day; it helps you see what grammar and vocab words might be good to look up. Also you can post it on iTalki or HelloTalk or the like and have it corrected by native speakers

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It is something you should answer by yourself :wink:
More seriously, there are many different ways to learn a language. My point is, as long as you learn grammar, vocab and so on, no matter how you do it, it´s good.
For example, in my case, I study grammar with a book and a teacher on Italki. She spends time to explain everything in Japanese so I really understand and we make some examples so I can get the nuances. I then use the book for reviewing. My brother prefers to do free talk and when he encounters something he can´t say or understand he learns grammar with his Asao teacher. Both are working.
So please, just enjoy your journey. If you do bad you will quickly see it by yourself and you can just change how you study. And what is good now might become bad later. I often change how I learn Japanese to suit my needs. For example, I used to be a huge fan of Minna no Nihongo. Now that I have my Italki sensei, I don´t use it anymore. It doesn´t feel as good and practical as it used to be for me.

Good luck !

I think Ammo with Misa is a great option. She gives way too many details other things won’t. She gives a lot of examples, sentences, negative (opposite) examples, and a lot of other stuff.

I also write vocab on small flashcards with their meaning, hiragana, kanji, and draw a pic. This way it’s easier to remember since the photo is to your liking and imagination, which it should stick better. After that,

If that doesn’t work, I write out a set of 10 vocabs with the same example above.

On both of those examples for writing, I work on those until I can rename them each (picture, meaning, pronunciation) out loud for the next week, hopefully 5-10 times each day.

Throwing more vocab in a day could help speed up the process, but your mind gets more work, and that may be hard and some vocab may fade out.

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