Learning Unity in Japanese

I got started teaching myself C# maybe 2 months ago, reading/watching tutorials and solving easy problems on LeetCode. More recently I figured that I’d have more fun learning with a concrete goal, so I started dabbling with writing C# scripts in Unity to create simple games. Then, sometime last week I had a revelation. All the time spent reading tutorials is free real estate for language learning. So I hopped on amazon and picked up this:

It arrived earlier today and I’m about 35 pages in, loving it. There’s free downloadable assets so you can follow along and they cover both side-view and top-view 2D games. This post might come off as a literal ad for the book at this point but that’s just how exited I am right now.

If any of you have similar experiences with Japanese playing more of an instrumental role in you learning something, I’d love to hear about it.