Learning to Write WaniKani Radical Resources?

I tried searching, but didn’t really find anything on the site. Are there any resources for learning to write the WaniKani radicals? If there isn’t anything really built out there, what are some suggestions for maybe using WaniKani itself to learn? Are there any good user scripts that would let you pull just the radicals into a separate running SRS structure?
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Write by hand? Or type on the computer?

Most radicals are quite difficult to type with an IME, and some of them don’t even exist as any sort of radical (they’re displayed with images in WaniKani). It’s not really worth the effort of learning to type them. If you must display a radical on its own, it’s usually easier to copy and paste it from somewhere.

If you mean by hand, this can get you started:


Yeah I meant hand writing the radicals. It seems like it would be really beneficial if you’ve learned the radicals from here to then learn to write them because that’s how I think about the parts of the kanji obviously. You could then write each separate part and then you just need to place them together in the right order.
Surely I can’t be the first one wanting to do this…

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I mean, a lot of the radicals you’ll find on WaniKani are ones that the makers just created. They don’t really exist.

For wanting to see the stroke order of a kanji when I learn it, I have this script:


Yeah I realize the radicals are made up, but if you’re learning from WaniKani then you’re trained to think in those radicals. Learning to write the radicals would be learning in the same way you learn the radicals for remembering the kanji. When you want to write a kanji from memory, if you know all the radicals, then you know how to write each piece and then put it together. I understand that the stroke order could change and it writing a kanji isn’t compartmentalized like that, but it still seems like it would immensely help to know how to write all the parts because you’re more learning to physically visualize what you call a radical in your mind.

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I have to revive this thread. Can anyone comment on this?

Hi JapanStar49,

I use these resources to learn how to write kanji/radicals:

1- https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/kanji-stroke-order/
Already posted, but this is a very good primer on kanji stroke order, which will teach some of the logic behind it and even let you guess the order of some kanji.

2- Jisho.org
Online dictionary with stroke order animations and diagrams. A very good and free reference.

3- Videos

In fully japanese, but just watch some of his videos and practice a little on random kanji and it will help you get a feel for it. He also has videos on writing with fudepen, ballpen and brush techniques.

4- Charts

Also in japanese. There are charts for kanji with stroke order, you can print and use them to practice.

For creating a SRS system to do that, I’ll refer you to this topic by Ncastaneda, which is the closest thing that I’ve came upon:

I hope this helps!

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