Learning to speak, the "I have more money than sense" approach



Yeah, maybe finding a free language exchange partner (so you’d have to speak some English with them in exchange) would be a bit more frugal. Not for everything, but for some of those, heh.

On Monday nights I always have my Japanese conversation group, I get 1 more hour of conversation practice there, but at the cost of an hour of English. It’s great though, as I feel like I’ve come to really appreciate a lot of the regulars there. Just the same, with a schedule like this, full time employment, having a partner, a dog, and a house that needs remodeling, social time is at a ridiculous premium for me, so I can only really afford Mondays for that.

Also, it’s not quite as expensive as you might think, probably less than $200 for the whole month. so self-mockery aside, it actually is fairly sensible for me, given the level of time commitment I’m willing to make.

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That is pretty cheap considering the costs of private tutoring, music lessons, ect. Well done!

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