Learning new phrases

Hi all

I know this question has been asked million times yet here I’m again

So I’m going through wanikani(currently level 9)
And I use HelloTalk to talk with Japanese.

I learn new words and phrases from my Japanese friends but I always end up forgetting them.

What do you suggest Anki?hand notes?google sheets?

It’s frustrating that I always use the same words no matter how hard I try >_<

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I like learning new words and phrases from N5 単語 1000 book. This tango series have many context sentences examples. I want to put them on Kitsun but doing WK alone is already too much for me. Let alone other SRS I have. Jp’s WK Expansion Pack deck on Kitsun could be an option but without context sentences. Even if there are automatic tango series decks including context sentences, I don’t think I can do all my SRS. I’m Oshin, not Jp. Another option could be reading Japanese tweets or native materials. This one depends on how meow you are. If you’re meow like me, I found reading is still harder than being spoon-fed by tango book series.

They said, practice makes perfect. I practice kanji handwriting too when I have time. But I lack of practice, so my kanji knowledge isn’t perfect, I think.

Use it or lose it! Write down the phrase, and work it into as many scenarios as you can. Write it into your own example sentences. Use it every opportunity you get.

For words I use Torii and Houhou as everything is already set up for me. Anki takes a bit more work.

Watch Japanese TV and Movies (Anime, variety shows etc.) many of the words and phrases I know best are ones that are repeatedly spoken by Japanese people ( usually to conveying something funny cause i like to joke around) it’s all about familiarization, especially when it comes to phrases since Japanese has so many.

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