Learning kanji - No similar Kanji shown - Why?

The keisei script will show you similar kanji during lessons, at least by phonetic mark. I find it very helpful.

I half agree and half disagree. This feels like a bit of an advertisement for mnemonics to me, like saying “you better not stray from the one true crabigator-endorsed path!” But who here doesn’t forget the mnemonics sometimes? When kanji get into master/enlightened range for me I start to recognize them visually rather than by recalling the mnemonic, which is very prone to 陽・湯・揚・場 / 奇・綺・寄・埼 type mixups.

If for example I’m reviewing 陽 and I can remember that “sunlight/hot water/hoist/location” is the danger zone, even if I can’t remember the mnemonic about the butcher, I might rememeber the ones about tsunami, nailbat, or grave, and figure it out by elimination. This reinforces the strength of the mnemonic method rather than undermining it, IMO.

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