Learning Grammar on Mobile?

I was roughly following Koichi’s suggested guide of starting with Kanji learning, then hopping on to grammar once I hit level 10. Part of my issue is… I keep skipping from resource to resource out of inconvenience and lack of time at my desktop. My grammar studies have progressed… very little so far.

I know there are great resources out there for grammar. As of right now I do all my Kanji reviews on my phone (thanks Tsurukame) and it’s super convenient! I’m out of the house a lot, and find plenty of gap times to do a block of reviews or choke down a few lessons.

With this in mind, I want to get into some regularity of tackling grammar too from mobile. Thing is… I’m not really sure what resources are good for it. Everything I’ve tried out has been clunky. So I’m wondering where I should really start! I’m on iOS, and am looking for any suggestions really. Any help is thoroughly appreciated!

Otherwise, I’ll just wait for my cousin to finish his semester of college and pillage his Genki textbook, suck it up, and make time.

also sorry I know there’s a phenomenal resource thread but it is daunting to hand-check every possible source on mobile


LingoDeer might be what you’re looking for.


Seconding Lingodeer as a native app, and adding Bunpro. It has a desktop version that it’s actually designed for (like WaniKani), but their app works really well, though it’s still in beta. The team is great so while the app does have some issues here and there, I have no doubt it will continue to improve indefinitely.


Personally I really liked Human Japanese. There’s a trial version (I think the first 10 chapters), and after that it’s a one time payment instead of monthly.


I do BunPro.jp on my mobile browser. The interface isn’t bad and there’s a mobile app that’s supposedly coming out of beta soon. It’s been pretty good so far.


Human Japanese, LingoDeer and Bunpro on mobile are all excellent suggestions.


Thanks! I tried out the free trial of BunPro, but the desktop browser version felt clunky on mobile. I wasn’t aware of an app! BunPro feels almost like… supplementary grammar though, so I’ll check out Lingo/Human as well!

Thanks all!

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100% recommend LingoDeer. I’ll dig up one of my many posts where I rant about how great it is (and how it’s not) later when I’m out of work :p.

Use it for learning, as you would a textbook (but on the go). But skip its review section and make your own Anki cards or use the appropriate BunPro grammar points for review.


I’ve done most of my grammar learning on a bus to school using Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, which comes as an app on android. I just read through it like any other book resource.

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