Learn Vocab before WK or no?

Do you think it’s better to learn a fair amount of vocab before starting WK, or should they be studied concurrently? I would guess I know 1000 words right now, probably.

I’ve noticed that when I had previously known a word pre-Wanikani (i.e. just in hiragana, hard as it was) and I finally saw it beautifully drawn with its corresponding kanji in Wanikani it honestly glued to my head a lot stronger than the other words I had never seen.

So yeah it’s always good to learn vocab whenever you can.


Thanks. You kind of went around the question though lol

I’d say either or.

But like @aruman, the words I already knew from plenty of listening practice (15+ years of subtitled anime) were the easiest to learn and burn.

You CAN do both, though. Some WaniKani vocabulary I’ve heard and been suddenly able to pick out on Terrace House, for example.

So, either or, really.


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