Learn Basic Japanese using youtube! --NHK Easy Japanese--

Hello, guys! I am quite new here and still under the free trial. I am planning to purchase it after, though. Anyway, I just wanted to share this youtube channel that helped me with my basic Japanese. I hope it would help you guys too!

They would start the episode by showing a skit then followed by the grammar rule. The short skits are also funny too! I recommend you try the first few episodes.

NHK Easy Japanese - Youtube channel

I wish to meet you all too! どうぞよろしく。

Thank you for posting this! My first experience of learning Japanese was through the story of Jan (and his hairstyle) but I don’t remember this particular episode.

It was made in the 1980s. The hairdos, make up and cars bring back memories.

It is a good intro for someone with zero knowledge of Japanese language.

Yup! I actually cried when I watched the last episode because I felt like a “part of me” ended too. Haha!

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