Leading & Needing a Cheer!

It’s getting to be a bit of a slog. I’m having trouble keeping up and I’m getting more stuff wrong. Sometimes, I have to change gears, but I keep moving forward.

Some good vibes for all of us trucking along.

We got this! We’ll get there!




It looks like I’m on track to hit 54 tomorrow night.

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who’s awesome?


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Same to you.

This is definitely a journey.

Almost there!! I would have expected you would be all hyped to finish :smiley:

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maybe it’s the levels, I haven’t been enjoying the levels past 50 much…we are almost there…just a little further…

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Any reason why you don’t enjoy the last levels? Maybe less interesting vocab to learn? I did see they’re a bit shorter at least :slight_smile:


you know i’m not sure…I haven’t stopped to think about why…just know i’ve been irritated with the last couple levels…will have to think on it…I guess I chimed in just to let OP know they are not alone…we can get there…just gotta regroup…focus…

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The kanji and vocab are at the usual numbers, but there aren’t enough radicals to gate off the kanji, which means they’re theoretically 3d9h shorter, but then you just have vocab piling up faster, so I think it’s best to keep a manageable number of cards each day instead of stacking all 35 kanji on one day and then leveling up before the vocab is even available for the current level.

I generally pace myself at 7-8 days per level despite the option of leveling up faster. It just isn’t worth it to me to level up without tackling the vocab, which really reinforces the kanji anyhow.

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Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s just fatigue, the growing sentiment that these kanji are just not as useful/common, or a combination of those peppered with … something else. I really don’t know.

Thanks for the support. We’ll be there soon!

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The hype started to fade for me around 46 or so. I think it’s just been too long, but it could be a combination of many factors. It’s really tough to juggle this with … living life.

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