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I’ve loved making waniKani review my morning routine over breakfast!

I typically use it on a Google pixel XL running chrome browser. I’ve noticed that the text entry box is small. I’d like to make it larger to avoid typos in my answer, but adjusting the text scaling in chrome doesn’t change it’s size.

Does anyone know how to make it larger?

You could always use Stylish and make your own CSS for it…

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You can install the Stylebot extension for Chrome and selectively change the font size for parts of your screen

You just click “Open Stylebot” --> Select part of screen you want to adjust --> Adjust font size

Edit: Oh you’re on a phone! Sorry I only registered “Chrome browser” when reading your post, I’m not sure if you can add extensions on mobile so I don’t know if this is even useful to you :speak_no_evil:


Both of these appear to be extensions that can’t be installed on chrome on mobile. Also stylebots authors no longer have a functioning website.

Is this easily done in another browser? Like Firefox?

Apparently Firefox does support extensions on mobile (here’s a tutorial I found)

And then based on some preliminary searches for firefox add ons that allow you to customize font sizes, I found Theme Font & Size Changer and Font Size

Though I’m not well-versed in Androids or Firefox so I can’t personally vouch for these

The Firefox mobile browser does indeed allow you to install extensions. I haven’t personally tried it but you could look into

Put an exclamation point in front of this to make it embed

Sorry, I too missed the fact you’re on a phone.
Firefox on mobile does support extensions. I’ve found Firefox is slower than chrome though, at least on my phone. I have it for WK and nothing else.

So with suggestions from all of you, I figured it out. I switched to Firefox and then installed the add on stylish. I wrote one tiny bit of css. It looks like this:

And the result looks like this:

Thats really easier on my eyes. Thanks for the help!

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