LangX - Practice your writing & get corrections (Beta test)

Disclaimer - the site is currently in beta. Things will break and features will be missing. Submitting feedback on both is greatly appreciated.

What is it?
LangX (or what I’m at least calling it for now) is a website I created for practicing your language output.

You can write posts in the language you are learning and have it corrected by native speakers of that language. Then, you can help those who are learning your native language by correcting their posts.

Why should I use it?
The core skills of any language can be broken down into reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Most of our study resources (WaniKani, Bunpro, KameSame, most textbooks, etc) focus on the reading and sometimes listening skills, but there are fewer opportunities to practice writing. LangX is where you can do that.

Does it cost anything?
LangX is free and does not have ads. I may choose to add paid features in the future, but rest assured that anything that is free will always be so.

Where is it?

How do I type in Japanese?
Here’s a guide on the Tofugu blog.

Why doesn’t it have <insert feature here>?
I’m putting it out there early to get your feedback. I’ve built the basic features of the site, I have a big list of things to add, but I need your feedback to know what to prioritize. If there’s a feature you think the site needs, let me know here in the thread.

I tried to use it, but something broke.
The first thing to try is refreshing the page, if something didn’t work as expected. If that doesn’t work, please post a screenshot in the thread. I can see some things on my side, but seeing what you’re seeing helps a lot. Because the site is in beta, there will be things that will break. I’m doing my best to catch everything before you see it, but sometimes things fall through the cracks.

Is there any way I can help with the site?
Using the site and submitting feedback on any problems you see as well as any features you want added is the best way to help out.

LangX is kind of a working name for the site right now, which is why it’s hosted under If you have any suggestions for better names, I’m considering renaming it to something better.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.


I am curious. I will make a log in after I sleep, and test it out!


Oh, that kinda sounds like the defunct(ish) Lang8. Is it supposed to be a clone? If so, I think it’s a great idea! (Well, even if it’s not a clone)


It’s filling the same purpose, but it’s not meant to be a clone. I have ideas that may take the site in a bit of a different direction, but I do reference Lang-8 as a source of inspiration. I signed up before they closed it off, so I still have access to everything there.


Korekti! :+1:t2:

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You’re probably already aware of this, but it seems we’re currently able to correct our own posts.

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Thanks for catching that. Yep, it’s a known issue. I’ll put that on the top of my list.

I made a couple new changes:

  • You can no longer correct your own post. Thanks, @Letho
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a post on the corrections page wouldn’t take you to the post.
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I finally got approval for sending emails. :tada: That means the emails will actually be coming from the site instead of from somewhere else. Now I also should be able to customize the emails, so they will also be more relevant as well.

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