Language Speaking Practice. Websites for finding a speaking buddy?

Hey guys I wanted to know what are some good online resources for finding speaking buddies to audio or video chat with in Japanese and any other foreign language really for that matter. I remember coming across this kind of stuff a long time ago but I can’t find anything of its similitude even though I’m certain these kind of things exist.

Something that caters to all levels of fluency from beginner to advanced.

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Thanks man!

I just checked it out and it is excellent. Found what I was looking for.

A friend of mine uses the app HelloTalk. I haven’t tried it myself but she found several Japanese native speakers to talk to.

It has really high ratings from what I see. I’ll definitely consider giving it a fair go.

I’ve used Tandem and I really enjoy it.

+1 on Japan-guide.

I found several long term language partners that I still communicate with to this day almost 6 years later! Last year I was able to finally meet one of them in person on my trip to Japan.

I will add, at least when I used the site six years ago, that I suspect that the Japanese men on the site were interested in something more than just language exchange. As a male language learner I was indifferent to having a male or female partner. I responded to postings from men claiming the same, but never got any responses. On the other hand, I received responses from almost all the women.

I suspect the men for fear of scaring off women didn’t want to say that they were only interested in having conversations only with women. That’s my hypothesis, I have no proof!

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Thanks, this thread is very helpful!

Seems like they just added Japanese last week, so I wouldn’t expect anyone to have an opinion about it unless they’re also studying Korean.