Language Anxieties

Even at level 33, I still feel like my skills are fractured, and have a hard time speaking to others or monologuing to myself at a level I’m happy with.

Also unusually hard time remembering stuff. Is it just me? (Maybe I need another program to supplement things with, like Bunpo)


Try Japanese. It has grammar, speaking, writing, culture, reading, vocabulary. I love it and it works. There is so much reinforcement and it is fun.

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Seems a bit pricey tbh

They have a sale around Valentine’s Day. The first three lessons are free, so you can check it out first.

Also, I encountered でも in an example sentence for 筋 and now the whole でも thing is making my head spin trying to wrap my head around the ways to use it

WK level is not that directly correlated to your Japanese skills. You need to read and listen etc. a lot. Knowing kanji won’t get you all the way.


I’m level 60 and I feel the same way. I think it’s normal to feel inadequate about your language skills. I go to a local Japanese meetup and people who have been into it for a long time still feel like they’re struggling sometimes.

I will say that past like level 20, WK probably isn’t giving you essential vocab you need to communicate. Going from 33 to 60 isn’t going change much of that problem for you. If your time is limited I would probably recommend practicing basically anything else besides WK to improve your speaking skills in a meaningful way (at your level).


If you’re currently only using WaniKani, I’d say supplementing it with something is definitely a good idea; WaniKani is very upfront about being a kanji and vocabulary learning app, and doesn’t teach grammar in any tangible way.

I personally quite like LingoDeer, which teaches grammar in a nice and structured way. My main complaint about it is that it doesn’t teach much vocabulary, but you already have WaniKani for that.

As for anxiety … in my experience, that’s something that never really goes away; the more Japanese I learn, the more conscious I become of my own inadequacies.
The closest thing I’ve found to a remedy is going to Japan, so that I have no choice but to carry on anyway.

“Is a frappe 一つ or 一杯? What’s the pitch accent when 一杯 is used to mean ‘one cup’ as opposed to ‘a whole lotta’? Do I say ください or おねがいします?
Well, I’d better just say something, because the person in front of me is just about done.”


Looking at the replies is making me feel like a massive idiot tbh. I apologise.

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately which isn’t helping. Making me beat myself up that much more haha

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You aren’t a massive idiot, you’re just not studying grammar, so of course you can’t build sentences and such.
It’s nothing to worry about, though. You just have to start studying grammar.
What I recommend and the (only) grammar resource I use is, it’s like Wanikani but for grammar, and it works great for me.


I used Duolingo and Rosetta Stone for a bit, so I’m not totally helpless with grammar. But I haven’t learned anything new since

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Rosetta Stone is horrible for grammar. At best it will make you remember some vocab. I’ve heard duolingo isn’t very good for learning Japanese. I recommend doing the trial for bunpro. Maybe go over tae kim’s guide. You could even do a trial of japanesepod101 and just download a bunch of lessons before the trial is up. Just make sure if you don’t want to keep it you cancel or it will renew. Also they love to send emails out the wazoo. Watching videos on youtube can help too. For example JapaneseFromZero has a huge series to watch that covers the first four books and its free, the videos I mean. Japanese with Misa on youtube has really good videos. I could go on.


Going to try Bunpro for now


Yayy!! I’m a bunpro fan

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I really like JapanesePod101. A lot of their early and low-level content is pretty poorly produced, unfortunately, but you learn quite quickly which seasons and modules are useful to you.

For listening, I also like the podcasts Nihongo Con Teppei and Japanese podcast for beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei). He makes daily episodes for both, and repeats himself and rephrases things a lot.


I may or may not be having a nervous breakdown from antidepressant withdrawal or lack of sleep, so sorry if I appeared rude at all

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Don’t worry; you didn’t :slight_smile:

Good luck, and hope you get some sleep soon!

I recommend HelloTalk, which is an app that connects you to people who are native speakers of your target language who also want to learn your language. There’s messaging and phone call systems for 1-on-1 language exchange, and you can also post anything and people can correct your grammar. It’s really nice!

I recommend also going over a good resource with a general overview like Tae Kim’s Guide just to get more familiar with everything. Prior knowledge is one of the most important things when attempting to learn something new.

Memrise N5/N4/N3 Japanese is pretty good. and free. The n3 doesn`t have listening, but N4 and 5 do. Good luck pal,


* Intermediate Japanese Grammar 1 (JLPT N3)

]( This course is for practicing 1/2 of the grammar needed for JLPT N3 (Part 2 is in the works with another 60+ grammar).

(Sign up and join the course on a computer before your phone, as it gets a bit buggy if you go phone first, but other than that, it is great!)