Lang 8 ends today (29/2/24)

The language exchange site Lang 8 ends today (29/2/24). One member is about to launch his own version of Lang 8 soon - Nyan 8 Nyan-8 | Learn foreign languages with Nyan-8. I used to use Lang 8 a long time ago & found it a great way to practise my Japanese & make Japanese friends. Life got in the way & I stopped participating for a couple of years but I’ve already registered for Nyan-8 & am hoping to contribute regularly there. Tried Lang Connect but it didn’t feel like a community.


Wasn’t lang 8 not allowing new user registration for like 5 years or so? I’m surprised it was still around until now.


Lang 8 stopped new sign-ups a few years ago but had an amazingly committed community - but its end was always on the cards


Sad, but not entirely unexpected, thank you for letting me know about this.

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