Lang-8 "All Corrections" View Enhancer

Figured I’d make this productivity tool public since I’ve tested it in Chrome now, so here it is for install:

Should work with any language correction.
Tested in Firefox 39 (Greasemonkey), and Chrome 43 (Tampermonkey), and above versions.

Enhancements for the entire Page:
1. Removes text with a strike-through applied to it.

Enhancements for “All Corrections” view:
1. Expands the view to a larger size, tested primarily for 1920x1080 and below.
2. Removes text with a strike-through applied to it. (Fixes popup dictionaries, such as for J>E)
3. Removes “No correction needed” green-text messages.
Removes ‘corrections’ which are letter for letter, the exact same, as
your original entry by replacing them with a “-” symbol for better
clarity. Will keep duplicate corrections that are the same.
5. Removes empty ‘corrections’ that have no corrections, which slightly broke the viewer.
6. Removes all unnecessary spacing, compacting corrections together.
7. Reinserts comment icons, especially when they wouldn’t appear if you were ‘perfectly correct’.
8. Inserts a grey background for corrected sentences, differentiating them from the written entry.
Have any issues/requests, let me know, with browser version and add-on name.
Ps. I’m too lame to provide screenshots with my entries as an example. Can you blame me? I might make a test entry if it warrants it…

I’m really getting into Lang-8 so I’ll give this a spin. Thanks!