Kun'yomi readings not taught yet

I was feeling bad about not recalling the kun reading until I clicked on the kanji for suit and found that I had not learned it yet. It’s greyed out on the kanji. When I hover owner the kanji with my mouse, the kun readings do not show up there either. Is this a problem with my browser (Firefox) or with


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合う is taught in level 12. Greyed out readings are the ones that are not taught in a given kanji’s lesson. If you answer with them, the screen shakes and it asks for the one you were taught in the lesson. But most of the time they are taught somehow or another.

And technically this is just a case of okurigana getting absorbed, if you’re wondering why I mentioned 合う.

合い is the stem form of 合う, and often compounds featuring stems don’t have to include the okurigana. For instance, “entrance” can be 入り口 or 入口.

Kanjipedia, which is a digital version of the official Kanji Kentei dictionary, doesn’t list あい as a reading for 合, just あ. And the う (and any conjugations) are just inflections.


I presume WK lists あい out of courtesy, so that if you do answer with it you aren’t unfairly marked incorrect, because they don’t necessarily want to get into all of this to explain that even though it appears to have あい as a reading in something like 場合, it’s not officially a reading.


Thanks for the reminder. 合う was one of those that I “learned” too quickly and have not seen again. This is the first time the kun reading has come up since level 12. There’s something to be said about getting things wrong a few times to really cement them into the brain.

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It’s crazy that I had the same feeling with that reading
I wonder why(?_?)

I do think it’s a “use it or lose it” situation or 場合 if you will. :wink:
Looking ahead to level 14 vocab that are still locked reveals that the kun reading will appear a lot.

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